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Comment Re:Why this is bad (Score 1) 410

Van Halen used to have a clause in their performance contracts that they must be provided with a bowl of MM's with the brown ones picked out. What does 'fairness' have to do with a legal civil contract?

They also demanded that venue owners not set the band on fire, cause the building to collapse, or kill hundreds of their fans in a stampede for the exits. The brown M&Ms thing was just a lot safer and easier to check up on.

As always, Van Snopes has the whole story.

Comment Re:Provoking (Score 1) 1130

All Bush had to do on 9/11 was "look presidential". Sitting in a fucking classroom for 7.5 minutes listening to kids read "My Pet Goat" was not the actions of a true leader. All he had to do was politely excuse himself, and get into his armored limo and drive somewhere

But then he would have to spend the rest of his term not knowing what happened to the goat.

Comment What does "discount" mean, anyway? (Score 1) 475

This change removes the exemption for buying a new phone under contract (and thus, at a discount) and then unlocking it.

Let's run some numbers here...

If a new phone, let's call it a J-Phone just as an example, costs $650 at full price, and I can enter into a three year contract to get it for $100 plus $80 a month, that's a discount?

$100 + (3 * 12) * $80 = $2980.

That's a discount of -$2330, or roughly $65 a month for service, interest, and miscellaneous fees, and even if you unlock your J-phone and take it to another carrier, you're still paying for it until the three year contract is up.

Who exactly is getting ripped off by this?

Comment Re:It would be fair... (Score 5, Informative) 475

Except that "locked" phones are "locked" to a single carrier for the purpose of preventing the end user from swapping a SIM. "Jail-breaking" is an entirely different thing, and has no relation to carrier locks.

If you want to swap the SIM, you need to unlock the phone. If you want to install third party software on your iPhone, you need to jail-break it. It's easy to confuse the two terms, but they are not the same.

Comment Re:JavaScript local file access APIs (Score 1) 165

Actually, when Mega requires me to use JavaScript local file access APIs just to read a public text-only release explaining that their web site is implemented quite well despite what Lee Hutchinson says, then I have no choice but to regard it as a failure on Mega's side.

Making a web server which is severely lacking in the ability to serve web pages is usually not what I would call a big success.

Comment Re:Time to sign the Aaron Swartz prosecutor petiti (Score 1) 337

This petition, asking the White House to censure the prosecutor responsible for Aaron Swartz' felony case, will need a lot more signatures if they apply this standard to it. So now would be a good time to go sign it.

Tomorrow would be a good time too, since the limit only applies to _new_ petitions, not existing ones.

If you look at the link you provided, it clearly states that the goal was 25,000, not 100,000.

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