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Comment Re:This is nothing new... (Score 1) 78

Skin drag of the air along the interior walls of the wind tunnel will generate heat and will probably destroy your servers.

I used to work in a closed circuit wind tunnel. It was about 30 ft tall, with the upper test section measuring about 6'x5'x4'. The top speed in the upper test section was about 200mph. After running tests for 4 hours at speeds no greater than 60mph, the temperature inside the test section was 105F. And no, it wasn't from the motor, that was actually outside the tunnel and a shaft protruded in with a prop at the end.

Comment Re:Security on private jets? Now they've done it (Score 1) 192

Read TFA. The TSA wanted to put goons on private aircraft and make GA pilots submit data for background checks on their passengers. I'm a private pilot, and like many of my peers, have a seething hatred of the TSA. They seriously dreamed of being able to check over who was going to be in the other seat in a two seat airplane. They have backed off the GA community because of stuff mentioned in TFA.

Comment Re:IMEI Spoofing (Score 1) 236

No, I was on the OS platform tools development team for the phones. In the US, T-mobile will let you put just about anything on their network. They don't really care as long as you don't break things. Strangely, I think the same may still be true about AT&T. So long as the IMEI is valid, you're good, and the phone will work without trouble.

My daily use phone is a first-run engineering prototype and does not have a valid production IMEI. My hacking phones have valid IMEIs, but IMEI tools on the web only understand that they are valid, but can't figure out what kind of phone they are.

Comment Re:IMEI Spoofing (Score 1) 236

They are linux/qtopia based phones. Unfortunately, user builds can't do this. With an engineering build though, I can pretty much just say "echo $NEW_IMEI > imei" in a special device directory and restart the phone software. They are very similar to Openmoko Freerunners though, so I imagine you could probably accomplish the same thing on those.

Comment Where I am... (Score 1) 362

My employer makes spiffy gadgets for the automotive market, and you may own one of our products. Commonly, developers have VS for building code in a simulator and CodeWright for developing code to run on an embedded device. Version control is done with Git, CI with Jenkins, code review with Gerrit, issue tracking with Jira.

Comment Re:This is thanks to Bush's failed policies. (Score 1) 154

Yes, I guess this does work. My credit was good enough to get a good deal on a mortgage for a house and for a nice new car. But, its low enough that most places won't give me a credit card (I don't need one, so I don't give a damn). I did have someone try to open a card in my name and they got rejected.

Comment Re:passive-backscatter? (Score 1) 475

The Kansas KTAG system uses RFID. The transponder is actually a sticker you affix to your windshield. You can see the huge antenna and little chip in the middle of the sticker. Unfortunately, these do not operate at highway speed, and you must slow down to 20mph or even stop since the KTAG lanes are gated.

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