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Comment Re:A couple questions (Score 1) 187

The initial purpose of keeping the information is completion. I sheepishly admit to digital hoarding, and this may be feeding that desire. To me, it's easier to scan a document and tag it, rather than importing its information.

I need to keep things like receipts for large purchases for insurance, expense, and warranty purposes, bills and account statements, tax documents, and even things like the rare paper letter I get (e.g. my former tax preparer died last year. If I were to be audited, I'd need some evidence that she's dead. I have a letter from her next of kin and coworkers saying that she died.)

I need original paper for SOME receipts, things with raised seals such as birth certificates or car titles, and other unique items that the originality of the paper would increase its authenticity in a court of law.

What you do seems very similar to what I want to do, perhaps with the exception that I'm a metadata nut and want to be able to search things a little easier, should the need ever arise.

Comment Re:Smartphone (Score 1) 187

Using Camscanner or its ilk is something that a few friends have suggested, but I find the quality of the scans to be less than I really want for long-term archival. This may suffice for many documents that I'm likely never to look at again, such as bills, but things like letters or tax documents I think may require a little higher quality. Also, if a document is more than one page, camera scanning quickly gets unwieldy. I scanned a 30 page document on the go using Camscanner and it was a painful experience.

Comment Re:My Workflow (Score 1) 187

That's actually a good feature I'd not considered. As a document is added to the system, sign it using PGP and store the signature. That way, I have reasonable certainty that the document has not been modified since initial ingestion, or at least a warning that it may have been compromised if the signature doesn't check out.

Comment Re:I just thought of something (Score 2) 187

I'm concerned with privacy of backing up to Gmail, even if its labeling is completely what I'm looking for. I suppose I could encrypt everything I send and base its subject on something I can read and label, but that's a lot of rigmarole for something that I really would rather keep locally or on my own backed-up network.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Open source software for bill and document management?

Rinisari writes: Since striking out on my own nearly a decade ago, I've been collecting bills and important documents in a briefcase and small filing box. Since buying a house more than a year ago, the amount of paper that I receive and need to keep has increased to deluge amounts and is overflowing what space I want to dedicate. I would like to scan everything, and only retain the papers for things that don't require the original copies. I'd archive the scans in my heavily backed up NAS. What free and/or open source software is out there that can handle this task of document management? Being able to scan to PDF and associate a date and series of labels to a document would be great, as well as some other metadata such as bill amount. My target OS is OSX, but Linux and Windows would be OK.

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