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Comment Nielsen DOES use DVR... somehow (Score 1) 248

Not that I can provide any of the details, but Nielson DOES (or at least DID) use DVR-watchers' data.

How do I know?

I'm a TiVo-Nielsen family. There was a specific enrollment they had about 5 years ago for Nielsen to use TiVo data from selected households, and I was chosen & signed-up. Now, what Nielsen and TiVo do with that information, if your Nielsen-family status is based on your location or your account or your physical DVR... or if Nielsen/TiVo are even still collecting the data -- I don't know.

What I can tell you is that, circa 2005, Nielsen was collecting data from TiVo DVR users.

Submission + - Real time CCTV to central control room on buses 1

An anonymous reader writes: Transport for London has quietly completed a trial of CCTV cameras on London buses that relay real-time images to a central control room. Mayor Boris Johnson has endorsed the scheme and looks forward to it being rolled out London wide. You can comment here or here

In some respects we are now beyond the concerns raised in George Orwell's 1984 because technology has advanced further than Orwell was able to imagine, and politicians seem eager to take it even further. I suspect many see the economic success of China with eyes of envy, and wonder at its quiescent hard working population.

Sure we can complain. There are forums for that. In London you can even protest — by arrangement with the Metropolitan Police, but we know the politicians will ignore our complaints, and the protests will merely provide easy column inches for the news papers.

So what can we really do to stop the erosion of our freedom by the state, or are we doomed to be monitored at work, at leisure, in our homes and woe betide anyone who dares to be different or fail to conform?

Submission + - Perseid meteor shower predicting a dazzling show

PheniciaBarimen writes: National Geographic has posted today infomation on viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower occuring in the wee hours between Wednesday and Thursday. The Perseid meteor shower will have to fight it out with a bright moon for visibility this year, but astronomers are still predicting a dazzling show.

Submission + - How Apple Will Lose App Developers To Google (

Michael_Curator writes: "Apple is about to repeat the same mistake with the iPhone that it committed with the Mac twenty-five years ago, and Google is going to end up with the lion's share of application sales. Even the forthcoming Jesus Tablet will be better served by Web apps than by a proprietary app store. Google is busily developing those apps, and the FCC will under no circumstances allow Apple to dictate what customers can download to their devices. Where does that leave Apple?"

Submission + - FDA takes away powerful pain killer (

Greg George writes: "In a move that has baffled pain management doctors, the FDA has decided to restrict distribution of a newly approved pain killer. The drug called Onsolis is a short acting but powerful fentanyl pain killer. The drug was originally to be used for acute pain management and end of life pain control. However, the FDA changes now make it very difficult to gain access to the drug for home and institutional settings. The FDA asked 24 companies that make powerful pain killers to develop plans to reduce overdoses. This plan has come down to reducing the number of people that have access to the drugs rather than letting doctors decide the best course of action for each patient."

Comment Re:How does that work, again? (Score 1) 113

FWIW, I think you won, Raju. Your argument was pretty clear, and I think D-a-B was confused or something. S/He seems to think that Mao was somehow the cause of the CR without thinking how Mao was able to get that power in the first place. Sorta like saying a bullet was the cause of a murder, without looking at the person pulling the trigger.

The AC spontaneously declaring victory was just... weird. Kinda like Bush stating "Mission Accomplished", when it obviously wasn't.

Ok... well... er...

Now what?

I guess, let's all let it go?

Comment Re:Found a corroborating study on the net (Score 1) 515

Oh, you mean written by _this_ guy? "William J. Rea, M.D., who operates the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas, is facing disciplinary action that could lead to revocation of his medical license. The Medical Board of Texas has charged him with (a) using pseudoscientific test methods, (b) failing to make accurate diagnoses, (c) providing "nonsensical" treatments, (d) failing to properly inform patients that his approach is unproven; (e) practicing in areas for which he has not been trained; and (f) representing himself certified by a board that is not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties."

Comment Re:The assumption here (Score 4, Informative) 1064

I call shenanigans. When *I* listen to my patients' hearts, I'm listening for new or changed murmurs, irregularity in the rate, bounding of pulses -- and you're taught to do things systematically, and for a reason. Insurance companies give us about 15 minutes per patient if we want to be able to keep our head over water, so if you think anyone wastes time with useless mumbo-jumbo, you're way off-base. Anyway, you don't diagnose a "heart attack" with your stethoscope.
United States

Submission + - Hypocrisy of Russian Government

reporter writes: "A large group of ethnic Russians living in Estonia rioted after the Estonian government removed a statue honoring the Russia invasion of Estonia decades ago. The Estonian police arrested 600 rioters. According to a report by the Associated Press, "[the Russian government] said the [Estonian] police had used excessive force to crack down on protesters and demanded that Estonia investigate the death of a Russian citizen in the riots." Yet, this same Russian government — just 1 week ago — directed the Russian police to beat the crap out of peaceful protestors in a demonstration organized by Garry Kasparov. How do you say "hypocrite" in Russian?"

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