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Comment Re:Surprising (Score 1) 547

I think he means that they had the patch, or at least solid plans for how to do it, in place already. They pulled the trigger pretty fast after E3.

But that's what I don't get. Why all the hate for Microsoft doing exactly what was asked; listening to the customer base, and making changes? Microsoft is still in business because they've surprisingly agile for a large company, always have been. They've never had an issue turning 180 on a dime when warranted.

They tried something, consumers complained, they kept trying to push it, consumers declined, so they changed strategies. Why is this a bad thing?

Comment Confused (Score 1) 104

I never really understood the point of Chrome Frame.

Surely the very people who needed to use it (those in a locked down corporate environment) are the very same people who can't install it because they're in a locked down corporate environment?

Comment Digg Reader (Score 2) 335

I've tried most of them and, to be honest, they are all pretty rubbish. I don't want any fancy new bells and whistles - but what Google Reader had today (minus the sharing bit) would be just fine.

Unfortunately none of the alternatives I looked at could manage that. From non-working sites, to ghastly user interface design, to one which requires a browser plug-in just to work (seriously wtf?).

On that basis, I'm really hoping that Digg Reader (whenever it arrives) doesn't suck. If it does, then I don't think there are any viable alternatives.

Comment Re:Yoleo Reader works for me (Score 1) 335

The font is pretty hard to read, it would be nice if you used a different one.

It's annoying that I cannot hide subscriptions in the left hand column. Especially when they have no new stories.

Clicking on a thread causes an eternal spinning "Loading".

At that point I'm afraid I gave up. It's a good start though.

Comment Re:Your Crazy (Score 1) 417

Even if the police know for a damn fact there's illegal materials in the encrypted volume, requiring him to unlock the volume is tantamount to requiring him to acknowledge ownership of the volume, which is self-incrimination.

"Is this your drive?"
"Unlock the drive."
"Okyday, here's the password."
"How would you know the password if it wasn't your drive?"
"Too late."

Comment Re:If anyone should know.. (Score 1) 342

It's not clear to me how that takes into consideration the vastly different security needs for different organizations, settings, and assets.

The way to prevent florida schools from installing retina scanners is for florida to pass a law saying that retina scanning without prior consent is illegal in public places. Simple as that.

Comment Re:Ah, the Wikihouse (Score 1) 96

Interesting work, and I appreciate the desire to build homes on the cheap.

However, I'd like you to read the work of Christopher Alexander, if you haven't (The Timeless Way of Building, A Pattern Language, etc).

Summary: optimizing homes and buildings towards what is efficient to mass produce isn't necessarily what's best for the people who live and work in them.

Comment Re:If anyone should know.. (Score 2) 342

IMO, this is a terrible place for the feds to get involved. What is appropriate for middle schools in urban high-crime areas is not appropriate for elementary schools in rural North Dakota.

School violence is not historically higher now than it has ever been, and overall violence in the US is at an all-time low.

The centralization of education has been uniformly terrible for the US.

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