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Submission + - Washington Post refuses to run columns critical of it's for-profit subsidiary

sam_handelman writes: For whatever reason, Washington Post columnist Jay Matthews first agreed to run — and then changed his mind — a column very critical of Kaplan K-12. This was two years ago, but the regulatory capture plans of for-profit education business have become big news since then. On a totally incidental note, Kaplan K-12 is a highly profitable subsidiary of the Washington Post Corporation.

Comment Re:Almost useless (Score 4, Informative) 236

Yes and no... a few years ago when I got my first RFID card from Mastercard, I had to threaten to cancel the card if they didn't send me one without it. Two years later, when I got one from Visa, it was a 5 minute phone call and the new card (minus RFID) was in my inbox 3 days later.

A minor point, but one that people on Slashdot don't seem to understand, is that you don't actually get your cards from Visa or MasterCard at all.

They are payment processors and they pass payments from one bank to another. They ensure that the X banks in the world don't have to build connectiors to X-1 other banks just to let you buy something at a shop or online. Instead each bank just connects into Visa or MasterCard (or sometimes both) and then calls it a day.

The relationship you have is actually with your bank (in industry speak, your card issuer). They are the ones that decide what payment scheme to use and issue you a card for that scheme. They are also the ones that would decide whether or not to make available to you the option to have a non-contactless card. Visa and MasterCard have no say in what they give you.

Hopefully that clears things up a bit.

Comment Re:Strategy (Score 1) 121

As the first poster said, -"Tech can be obvious but round corners can't?"

Worth noting that the practise of putting a proximity sensor in a touch screen phone to turn the screen off when you make a call was so obvious, not a single Windows Mobile phone launched by HTC, Samsung or Motorola in Europe prior to June 2007 had one.

Comment Re:Sensible people. (Score 1) 694

How about making sure the leaders and other political figures of the party aren't ignorant egomaniacs with an agenda and a pocket full of bribe money. That is my first request.

Who other than ignorant egomaniacs are going to run for office? It's like saying that professional sports has too many gifted athletes.

Comment Re:Excel error? (Score 1) 476

When I read the title, I expected a calculation or rounding issue, or an internal range issue from built in components and not "dumb ass user didn't set the range correctly when averaging". That's not an Excel error, that's a user error - Excel did exactly what it was told to do.

Not to mention that if you use a reasonably recent version of Excel (at least 2003, which is nearly 10 years old), it'll warn you if you're doing something with a range of cells and it thinks you've missed a bunch of them out.

It's not perfect, but it's caught quite a few mistakes that I've made - which is far better than doing nothing.

Comment Re:Talking of ads ... (Score 1) 261

I remember doing that on my palm pilot. Can't remember the name of the software, though.

That said, I've had 'always on' Internet since, like, 1998 or something. It's not *that* outlandish an idea in this day and age, though I also think the Internet has taken the vague rumour and ran like mad with it.

Comment Re:Finally Microsoft makes it work, then comes Win (Score 1) 712

I think you misunderstand. I was listing the two 'differences' to point out that they're not nearly worth the complaining the online world gives them. I use windows 8, and the only time I see the Metro interface is when I unlock the screen, or hit the windows key and start typing in a program name.

Comment Re:Another "best and brightest" without a clue (Score 1) 572

When you make $40K/year, have a mortgage payment, maybe a kid or two, car loans, maybe student loans, having to pay anywhere from $70/month or higher for slow broadband is not high on ones priority.

If that's your situation, then I don't think it is too unreasonable to suggest that you shouldn't be considering purchasing a next-gen console - or even a previous-gen console.

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