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Comment Re:Kindergarten teachers might do (Score 2) 291

Some kindergarten teachers might play the piano, or guitar, and provide music for the kids to sing along to. Not all of them will throw a CD on and play music through a sound system.

If the sheet music was legally purchased, then there's no reason the teacher can't play the song on the piano in the classroom. Usually, when such sheet music is purchased, the price includes such a license. I remember from grade- and high-school band that the charts we used were specifically licensed for our use (including performance).

I suspect the real issue is that the sheet music is being photocopied and handed out -- and that's the copyright violation.

Comment Re:Not all ethanol is created the same (Score 1) 586

Well... I like to drink it pure. I think you call it "cowboy-style" or something like that.

Those of us who drink actual Scotch Whisky order it neat, meaning, no mixers or dilution.

In the meantime, I'll stick with my true passion: dark beers.

I'm into IPAs, myself. I find lagers to be basically undrinkable.

Comment Re:Not all ethanol is created the same (Score 1) 586

...which is why I drink Scotch. Because it's made from barley while Bourbon is made from corn. It's bad ethanol for drinking too.

I see you're not from Tennessee.

Neither do I, but I love Jack Daniel's. I just don't like that they call it "whiskey", when it's bourbon.

Ugh, JD is the whiskey of choice amongst high-school and college students who have no taste. Hint: if you need a mixer for your booze (jack and coke?) then your booze is no good.

My preferred potable solvents need to be of legal age, and single.

Comment Re:So, the system works? (Score 1) 725

Hardware stores of the traditional sort are precisely the places customer service can be used to make a business profitable.

Our local hardware store (Wally's Hardware, Sumter, SC) in next to a Walmart and a Lowes. Instead of being crushed, it benefits from the traffic they generate.

Better selection of hardware ("choice" matters more than bulky displays), immediate greeting by people who actually know something about what they sell, and a friendly atmosphere allow it to thrive under the footprint of bigger retailers. ++ for the stainless and other fastener selection.

I don't work there, just a satisfied customer for more than 20 years.

I realize that they're a national chain, too, but we ALWAYS go to our local Ace Hardware store first for supplies for our endless home-repair projects. We go to Lowe's or the Despot only if Ace doesn't have what we need.

Comment Re:One problem (Score 1) 258

Please elaborate and include alternatives at a similar price point.

EAGLE's user interface sucks. Its library manager is worthless. The schematics look like crap and generating a BOM from them is painful. Its layout editor is dismal and is really only good for two-layer toy designs, which take forever to do because of the UI.

But as for alternatives, there is no usable schematic/layout package that doesn't cost the three to five grand or so necessary to get into PADS or Altium Designer.

I suppose the hobbyists (that's how that word is spelled) flock to it because they can get a free toy version. I wouldn't spend the thousand dollars CADSOFT wants for the full-up version of EAGLE, as it just ain't worth it.

The open-source alternatives are crap, too: gEDA is a mess. KICAD crashes too much. Neither can handle any layouts that require design rules more complicated than trace width and space.

But thanks for asking.

Comment Re:double rainbows (Score 1) 188

Then what is their value proposition ? "1 chip is slightly cheaper" ? That wouldn't convince many people.

If people use this, it will be for the live reprogramming feature.

The main reason to glue an FPGA to a hard-core processor is that your application-specific logic can be right next to the processor, rather than in a separate device. The FPGA/Atom device, when installed in an OEM's product, will very likely NOT be user-programmable, as it's married to the underlying hardware (PCB and other external devices).

Comment Re:Only certain Virtex-2Pro/4/5s have PowerPC core (Score 2, Insightful) 188

The largest I have seen has two PowerPC 440 cores. That would be the Virtex-5 FX130T and FX200T (Only different in the number of logic gates available).

None of the current V6s do, but I keep hearing about Xilinx going to ARM. It is in one of their roadmap documents but no real info on exactly where in the roadmap it is.

Unlike Intel's solution, the Xilinx units have everything on a single silicon die.

And my God, the tools SUCK.

Comment Re:Arduino? Yawn. (Score 1) 114

That's funny. Because I'm so tired of engineers puffing up their own egos by downing the Arduino. I'm smart enough to know that there are far more elegant, powerful solutions than an Arduino for almost every possible situation. But I'm not educated enough to use them. Arduino is easy and accessible. Don't underestimate how attractive those qualities are for someone who simply wants a challenging hobby.

I humbly submit that if the Arduino included access to the AVR's debug facilities, the hobbyists would be very happy indeed. "Why doesn't this work as I expect? I dunno, lemme fire up the debugger and step through the code as it executes and see where it fails."

Comment Re:Arduino? Yawn. (Score 1) 114

My gripe, which you missed, was that a proper debug interface would be a great benefit for the newbie/hobbyist who is the likely end user of these things.

I said nothing about "doing it in an FPGA" (btw, I do FPGA design for a living, and don't get me started on embedding micros in FPGAs). I also never called you a moron :)

I like the idea of Arduino, just not its implementation.

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