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Submission + - Twitter to meet with UK government about riots ( 1

conner_bw writes: "Twitter has confirmed that it will meet with the UK Home Secretary on Thursday, after being called in for discussions over the role it played in the recent UK riots. Twitter will send a representative to the meeting scheduled for August 25. Both Facebook and RIM will also send representatives to the meeting in regards to their effects on the riots."

Submission + - TouchPad to run Android thanks to TouchDroid (

An anonymous reader writes: By now, there’s a massive number of brand new owners of the HP TouchPad tablet. Compared to other tablets in the market, it's is still a major competitor when it comes to hardware, and yet it’s only $99 if you can find one. What happens when that “new gadget smell” wears off, and you’re left with a tablet that isn’t likely to get any better than it is right now? Eventually, you’ll be able to put Android on it.

Cell Phone Interception At Def Con 95

ChrisPaget writes "I'm planning a pretty significant demonstration of GSM insecurity at Defcon next week, where I'll intercept and record cellular calls made by my attendees, live on-stage, no user-input required. As you can imagine, intercepting cellphones is a Very Big Deal in the eyes of the law; this blog post is an attempt to reassure everyone that their privacy is being taken seriously despite the nature of the demo. I'm not just making it up either — the EFF have helped significantly with the details."

Plagiarism Inc. 236

Here's an interesting article on the life and times of 24-year-old Jordan Kavoosi, who has made a business of plagiarism. His Essay Writing Company employs writers from across the country, and will deliver a paper on any subject for $23 per page. In addition, his company will get it done in 48 hours, and he guarantees at least a B grade or your money back. From the article: "'Sure it's unethical, but it's just a business,' Kavoosi explains. 'I mean, what about strip clubs or porn shops? Those are unethical, and city-approved.'"

Submission + - OpenDNS Hijacking Google

nerdrew writes: My computer's (it's a Mac) default DNS (default, as in the DNS entries are blank in the Network settings) is OpenDNS. A few weeks ago, all of my normal address bar google searches in firefox started being redirected to an OpenDNS search page that looked strangely similar to a google search page. It seems OpenDNS is hijacking the URL below for users of their DNS service. I posted this to a forum, and was chased out by people claiming I shouldn't be using OpenDNS in the first place. As it was set as a default, I didn't have any choice. I had to change it. That's fine for me and I forgot about the problem, until today. I opened by dad's computer to fix something and fired up Safari. Typing "gmail" in the address bar, I expected safari to replace it with Instead, I was taken to an OpenDNS search page. The same thing happened in Firefox. Here is the URL that OpenDNS hijacks. Note, changing the address beyond the domain name takes you to, but unmodified it goes to OpenDNS. rceid=navclient&gfns=1&q= . still works though. Is this acceptable for OpenDNS to do?

Submission + - Tennessee Newspaper publishes searchable hit list

An anonymous reader writes: The Tennessean published a searchable hit list of all legal gun owners in the state. Where does the technological capability to do something cross the ethical lines where it violates one's privacy and safety? Is this any more or less ethical than publishing a list of women who've had abortions or a list of people who have been married multiple times? Just because we can make information easy to access, should we?
Linux Business

Submission + - What is the best open source collaboration tool?

Mentalus writes: I'm working for a small company which specializes in writing custom software as a consultant service. We really need some tools for project tracking, some kind of wiki and also a calendar server. The problem is, the choices in this area are enormous! Which tools do you prefer? My former employer uses TRAC, but is there a better alternative?

Submission + - A good mobile phone with no camera?

SuperG writes: It seems like every mobile phone out there has a camera on it these days. The only ones without cameras are low-end models with poor battery life, poor reception, and minimal features. And low-end means the cool factor is nonexistent as well. I often visit facilities where phones with cameras are not allowed, so I end up being incommunicado with my current camera phone. Is there a good (in terms of battery life, call quality, build quality, and style points) phone without a camera out there in the US market?

Submission + - Cross platform XML GUI. What to choose?

mindflow writes: Sooner or later most of the new software development with Microsoft as platform will be done after the 3.0 model. This means the ability to better organize software projects towards matching designer and programmer roles. I believe this is an important move and one which I will try to pursue. However I still believe that cross platform ability is important. A quick search for xml gui java on google results in a plethora of interesting projects. At this point it seems difficult to predict what will become a popular standard, if any. Therefore I would like to try this question on the readers of slashdot. What should I pursue if I want to develop cross platform xml based gui applications? And will any of these technologies become a standard for web applications?

Submission + - Do We Need Another OS Platform?

tupac writes: We have been battling it out between Apple's OS X, Microsoft's Windows and Linux for a long time now. Is it time for us to come up with a fourth platform to completely shift the computing industry? writer Brandon Watts ponders in his latest column. "One of the advantages that alternative operating systems have is that they're usually composed of small development teams, so changes and new ideas can be implemented, tested, and released quickly without having to be coordinated by numerous different groups within a major corporation. In addition, whereas an operating system like Windows relies on abundance of what can be considered as legacy code, these smaller operating systems have a chance to start fresh and build a great product from the ground up.
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Submission + - You Played Violent Games - Why Can't Your Kids?

Daayon Vaughn writes: "Well I think it is really evolved around the parent. The parent must take full responsibility of what the child is doing such as playing violent video games since the parent is the one who buys it. Yes, video games are very violent now days so parents must take full percaution of what is going on in their house. The parents should maybe get the kids race car games or sports and try to avoid shooting and fighting. That way the kids can get adjusted to different kinds of games instead of violence and brutality."

Publishers Scrambling for Wii Titles 328

Bloomberg is reporting on the publisher scramble for Wii titles, prompted by the console's explosive popularity since its launch late last year. Though the article focuses on EA's initial coolness on the console, they certainly weren't the only company that initially missed the bus. "Electronic Arts wasn't the only publisher slow to see Wii's appeal. New York-based Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., maker of Grand Theft Auto games, had no Wii titles when the player was released and now plans to have three this year, said spokesman Jim Ankner. Activision Inc., based in Santa Monica, California, plans to release six Wii games this year, giving the second-largest publisher a total of 11, said spokeswoman Maryanne Lataif." Though that's great news for Wii gamers, the question is: how many of these titles are going to be 'shovelware'?

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