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Comment SmugMug (Score 1) 350

I have used SmugMug for photo sharing, one of the perks of sharing images with there site is the photo printing. I have always been impressed with their quality and shipping speed. Their prints might cost a bit more, but it seems to be worth it. I have also had prints made from Shutteryfly, Walmart, Walgreens. I normally use Walmart for when I need one hour prints done. The quality just doesn't seem to compare. I would also suggest making a Blurb/Shutterfly book. Either site has an easy way to create a book, which is a lot more interesting for people then prints.

Comment Re:Top Gear (Score 1) 306

Look at pretty much any review of the SLS - AMG, they all pretty much point out how hard it is to deal with Gullwing doors. The doors have issues such as you have to duck to get in and they are hard to close. The doors also have to be explosive incase of a rollover. From the looks of it the Model-X won't even fit in most garages with the doors open. Wonder how you get this in and out of a garage. I wonder how many of those SUV mall mommies would want s to plugin there SUV all the time just to be able to drive 100 miles.

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