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Comment Re:Not about language preferences (Score 1) 542

On the first point, since Android is open source and I can't download all of that source either I see no reason why the partial codebase of iOS does not qualify.

You can download all of Android's sources.

Where can I download Moto-Blur?

Moto-blur is not Android, it's a replacement UI developed by Motorola. Which, btw, is not as easy to do in iOS (and probably a breach of contract).

the second is at least a questionable claim, given that language preferences vary so much.

That has nothing to do with it. The fact is Objective-C make code injection incredibly easy, which means it's much easier to hook into and modify specific parts of existing applications.

It's not about language preference, it's about a specific side effect of iOS software being written in Objective-C.

But then again, that's not exactly allowed, is it?

Comment Re:Poor understanding of English (Score 1) 178

My point was, integrity (values/moral, figurative definition) of policemen works just as well as the literal one. If anything, integrity as being whole, seems to me would apply better to the police corps, not to an individual: intégrité, nom féminin Sens 1 Etat d'une chose qui n'a pas été altérée Chose means thing, and while you can apply this to a person, it just sounds weird. But, we're just splitting hairs here. :-P

Comment Re:I'm sure we all know this... (Score 1) 459

Lazy journalism. The coldfusion stuff was made by Luis Majano, whereas the logbox the nutcase in question is talking about was made by this guy:

Comment Privacy? (Score 1) 178

My French is very rusty and google translate doesn't work with https (and I'm too lazy to copy paste everything by hand), but from what I saw, it has photos and names, no addresses, phone numbers or shoesize. It also had screenshots of facebook with them saying they hate non white people and similar for a couple of them.
The article is misleading, yes. But so is saying they're disclosing personal oh-so-sensitive information.

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