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Comment Re:What (Score 1) 1747

I believe this is a problem beginning to evolve out of the information age when people are now subject to being deluded with so much information that the easiest coping mechanism is to just become numb and tune everything out.

How often are we told that Red Wine is good for longevity only to have another expert state that alcohol consumption is responsible for disease XYZ. Multiple this by a hundred fold and all of a sudden our very state of existence is put into doubt. What do we do? What do we avoid? Maybe we should just not change anything - it's worked so far and is by far the easiest route.

When it was difficult to disseminate information (think print media) only the most important and worthy items were published and thus noticed with more impact creating more permanent neural imprints. Now we are bombarded with so many "facts" that trying to analyze the validity of them all is near impossible even for people you would ordinarily think of as intelligent people.

Is this the price that society has paid for the internet, for near-borg like collectivity? For subjecting ourselves to endless streams of mass media pumping data into our minds 24/7 at speeds computers were designed to handle but the average person is not?

Is brain shutdown and inaction for anything that isn't about to physically rip your leg off quickly becoming the new norm for a majority of people?

Perhaps global warming is just the next expert report on Wine consumption.. so I'll just do whatever I enjoy.

Comment There is already a better device in existance (Score 1) 260

Tradestation is an automated trading platform where you program in routines that monitor the market in some near-real-time fashion and they make the decisions on when to buy or sell for you.

If you are an avid geek, up to learning a new programming language, and have some statistical analysis background, then this platform might be a good option. The goal is that you program your routines during relaxed off trading hours, back-test them against historical market data, and then once satisfied let them go to make all of the emotion-free decisions for you.

I personally don't know that I have the skill needed to protect my fortunes from what amounts to a complicated shell script but for others I'm sure it works fine, or at very least provides the allure of finding the "secret" algorithm to make millions. :)

Comment Plot holes big as swiss cheese! (Score 2, Interesting) 705

I'm sure I will be in the minority here, but I left feeling empty because of the gaping holes in the plot. I left the theater feeling like I had taken about 6 restroom breaks and missed storyline, only I didn't leave once.

Here are the issues I had:

1) Where did the aliens come from, why were they in our galaxy? why did they leave? Would it have been so much to ask to piece together some of the back-story for the viewer so we could relate better to their plight?

2) WTF happened to all of the aliens who knew shit about how to run their starship? Why is it their population consists of 99.999-percent idiotic worker-class drones and what happened to their intelligent leaders? Why did precisely 1 intelligent alien survive this?

3) How believable can it be that this fluid has a very specific dual purpose of a) turning humans into Prawns, and being unleaded gasoline for your starships?

4) The gore was completely over the top and detracted from our enjoyment.

5) We made the mistake of sitting close to the screen and the shaky camera gave me a splitting headache.

I felt like this movie is a lot like the Defying Gravity series on ABC. The movie is trying so hard to tell a heart-wrenching story that the sci-fi aspects become a crappy afterthought for the writers.

Comment Re:Conservative blind side... (Score 1) 402

Welcome to the Entitlement Culture where all you need to do is ride the system in order to survive. Perhaps this is what happens when Darwinian selection fails because everyone is kept alive not by their intelligence or physical prowess but by a boated government system that rewards the underachievers and celebrates stupidity in the form of Reality Television.

Comment Resource limitations (Score 1) 159

If "Going Green" in a big way will require a bunch of metals that are of finite availability and more scarce than oil, then how long can this mining be sustained before the price of these "Green" solutions is so high that it makes more sense to return to oil ?

This entire situation appears to me as a mad resource rush due to the earth becoming less sustainable to humans after years of unbridled-growth and mass consumption. This "doing more with less" mind-set is fine until a great number of first-world countries start to feel the backlash of starvation or forced to institute policies like birth restrictions.

I just hope that at the very moment the masses start to realize that we've strip mined this rock we're on of all resources and need to look for another home, that we're technologically advanced enough, and have enough resources left to be able to blast off and move elsewhere.

Comment Re:Grrrrrrr (Score 2, Informative) 219

Having a plan in place that encourages a large number of signups and disconnects ("churn") as you suggest with "no contract" does nothing but make each subscriber more expensive to provision and creates a situation where system planners can never accurately perform capacity planning. Believe it or not the call detail records for both voice and data are quite expensive to maintain.

Also "bringing your own phone" can cause a customer service nightmare where people expect to use their POS phones they brought 10 years ago, for which Reps cannot all be fully trained to answer questions. This then leads to all sorts of industry analysts claiming customer satisfaction is garbage when it's really the customer's shooting themselves in the foot.

Comment Re:Grrrrrrr (Score 1) 219

I work in IT within the Wireless industry. On average it takes about 1 year and a half to break even on each mobile subscriber and get to the point of making any money. Most of this is because the wireless companies are heavily subsidizing the cost of the hardware to get you in as a paying customer. You can rant and rave all you like about the cost of wireless service, but it's the B2B sales that make the most money, not cheap joe the consumer.

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