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Comment Re:How little progress we are making (Score 1) 288

That is a fairly ignorant analysis.

If you look at overall system performance, not just Mhz, you will see that the same performance increases have been sort of maintained during the past 2 decades. Furthermore, under certain algorithms, things like GPUs obliterate that trend.

If you were to plot performance per buck, you would see a dramatic ramp up, which during the 90s was no where near as dramatic. This is, at the end of this decade, relatively, you will be able to buy much more performance per dollar across this decade, than you were able to do during the 90s.

You lose that perspective if you simply focus on clock speed.

Comment Re:The Truth Behind the Trolling (Score 5, Insightful) 770

With my condolences to the Monty Python:

Damn right. Besides weekends, what has organized labor done for us?

OK, OK...

Besides weekends AND vacations, what has organized labor done for us?

Hum, what... OK

Besides weekends, vacations AND paid leave, what has organized labor done for us?

Really? No kidding... OK

Besides weekend, vacation, paid leave AND fair salaries, what has organized labor done for us?

For real?

Besides weekends, vacation, paid leave, fair salaries AND safe working conditions, what has organized labor done for us?

What? Really... OK OK

Besides weekends, vacations, paid leave, fair salaries, safe working conditions AND retirements, what has organized labor done for us?

Huh? come on... OK OK

Besides weekends, vacations, paid leave, fair salaries, safe working conditions, retirement, AND medical coverage, what has organized labor done for us?

Yeah... what a bunch of dicks!

Comment Re:H1B's leaving (Score 2) 770

"An infant born in America will grow up in an American cultural environment, and will have American probabilities for growing up to be a decent person. An adult immigrant from another country is a much larger risk, and many would show up just because they couldn't succeed in any other country either. You do not want to let those people in. It's ok to be selfish."

Yeah right you are not an American. And I am the queen of Sada. LOL.

Comment Re:Republicans are Flat-Earth Economists (Score 1) 658

It is funny to see republicans trying to pretend to be "financially responsible" after generating more debt in just 8 years, than the whole accumulated debt accrued by this nation in all its history.

Not that the Dems are that much better. But seriously, it must take some sort of reinforced steel balls... for a republican to try to assume some sort of fiscal moral higher ground.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 658

Care to provide sources?

Pray do tell, which public university has a $2 billion dollar endowment for just their engineering department?

It seems all some libertarian/republican posters can do to justify their view is spread innuendo or make up facts. It is intellectually disingenuous at best.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 658

As a person who is working at a top university, let me tell you that you have no clue what you are talking about.

I would like to see where those mythical piles of money on which universities are sitting are, because we could sure use it right about now.

So please, oh wise one, point us to where all that cash may be.

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