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Journal Journal: Slashdot's dichotomy

Amazing. I know if I replied to a post labeled offtopic, it would either be ignored or modded down justifiably so.

But when someone reples to the same post, and replies with leftwing rhetoric, they get modded to +4 insightful.

Check out the thread: Here

You know if a conservative told the truth about Islam it would be modded troll or some such. How can those people operate without a conscience?

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Journal Journal: Leftists at Slashdot 1

Slashdot is replete with leftists. See my posts lists. Some of them are trolls but a huge majority are not and a few of those have been rather unfairly modded to negative numbers becuase the moderator disagreed with the content rather than consider the content objectively.

I think some moderators/meta-moderators are even responding to posts after moderating them. My view of this is while you may have the freedom to respond to posts you moderate, it is proof you are not being objective. Objectiveness means that you take a total hands-off approach to moderating, that you do not respond to posts you moderated, whether yoou agree with them or not.

I can't possibly let myself wish I had such a lack of conscience. But what bothers me is this system appears to be broken. I do not believe that editors are properly monitoring their moderators. I do my best to meta-moderate objectively and at least once a day I see where a post has been unfairly moderated in some way or another, primarily becuase the views being moderateed do not fit the views of the moderator.

Maybe I am not an intelligent person enough to deserve positive moderation, but I seriously doubt my posts have earned the negative moderations they have been given.

If you are a slashdot editor or a leftist moderator, disregard this post: I am complaining to friends here and anyone else who will listen and agree.

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Journal Journal: Operating an Apache server

IIS is the only server which probes my apache server. I get these probes at least three times a day, all from different servers. Why is this allowed to go on? But I have a plan: I run a shell script using cron and every time I get a log entry requesting root.exe or some other Microsoft product, my server will send them an oversized ping, ala The Ping of Death. Yeah, that's the ticket. Teach those bastards to patch their servers and leave mine alone.
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Journal Journal: Liberals on Slashdot

There is truly nothing more disgusting than a liberal jerking off about how their rights have been diminished when in fact they have'nt been touched. I guess it gets to me also when a reasonable remark that goes against liberal orthodoxy get modded as troll or flamebait, but then I understand when I am angry about something that is trivial at its base and I am probably wrong. Yet, what is even more disgusting to me is when someone posts that our national policies, or our nation itself was asking for an attack by these ragheads terrorists, and that is NOT treated as treasonous speech. A person would guess easily the mass of people who do post here are so stupid they just don't understand there is a war on and when we have troops in the field fighting for this country and you can't contain your passions against them long enough for them to return safely, this coutry definately isn't for you. As for myself, my only choice is to continue to point out that we are in fact at war, and that ANY remarks directed against our troops in the field are considered to be treasonous. One other thing: Who cares about Padilla? Am I diminished because a miscreant Islamo-criminal gets caught putting into action words which attack this country; who got caught in an act of treason? No. Am I concerned about the 1000 or so people detained because of their involvement in groups which advocate terrorism. No, because whether anyone wants to admit it or not, there is judicial review of these matters; the government is kept in check and it is unlikely that any grievious harm will come to these people. In fact I would prefer if these detainees were fingerprinted and bought a one-way airplane ticket home to their shithole former countries. That way, the criticism and the threat are dinminished in one swoop. No more hearing liberals cry their tears over these people. What would be even better is if those who do not care to see that our country is at war because of those detainees would go along with them. I would be happy to buy their ticket back to Saudi Arabia, or Syria, Libya, etc. Any takers?

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