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Comment Re:Zeig Heil (Score 1) 709

> getting carted off to the gulag by the Belgian military

Oh, that's rich, that is. Last thing you lot saw of our military was the then-minister of defence getting drunk off his arse in a bar in NY, and then getting the (belgian) barmaid who blogged about it fired. Google translated article here:

The only thing the Belgian military is likely to do is have a pint with you while explaining how a 10 million inhabitant country has no less than six governments.

Apart from that, you're making valid points, of course :-)

Comment Re:Video?! (Score 1) 206

If the order matters, and the lists are disjoint (as in, different every time), just a few fails on the first entry will quickly reduce the number of recurring thumbnails to barely a handful, no?

Better to have the exact same list in each step, but maybe vary the location of the different icons.

Comment Re:They cancel products left and right (Score 1) 218

Not quite. Operamail is also a service, and has been for over a decade. I've long used it, even as a paying subscriber, but at some point they moved to some kind of hosted platform which pretty much took all the awesome out of it. That's the point where I switched to Gmail. In the mean time, I've set up Zimbra on my own server, so I'm no longer dependent on Google, either.

Comment Re:expensive cupcakes (Score 1) 611

> made with butter rather than cheap cooking fat,
The major factor in the list you give. I can't believe someone wouldn't believe it's not butter.

> where the chocolate is real, high-quality chocolate rather than cheap cooking stuff,
Biased for being a spoiled Belgian, I suppose, but the cooking stuff [we get] is still pretty reasonable chocolate. The "chocolatey" bits in B&J or various glazes, on the other hand, are indeed quite a different thing.

> where the flavouring is essence rather than artificial flavouring,
The difference very very much depends on the actual flavour, I believe. For the amount used, I don't think the utter majority of the people are going to notice wether you use bourbon vanilla or vanillin in your dough. Toppings use more, so may or may not be more sensitive.

> where the decorating is done by hand
Doesn't change the flavour, although one does eat with one's eyes :-)

> and includes fancy shapes made out of florist paste
Muh? I suppose you mean decorating marzipan? Marzipan quality varies a lot, it's true; and the texture of the cheaper stuff can be very off, too.

> as well as a generous topping of buttercream.
And, again, real butter is indeed quite a distinct flavour.

So, yes, you're right; but I'm not convinced the difference in ingredient prices alone makes that much of a difference - I'd imagine the raw ingredient price of a single cupcake will still not rise over 1£. Labour of handmade vs. industrial, however, is going to be a much more major factor, as will be pretty shop vs. cheapo supermarket.

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