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Comment It's faster (Score 1) 223

On my older IBM Linux system I use as a server, Firefox is sluggish, and Chrome is plain 'ol fast. My only gripe is that the fonts are offset a bit too low, since I strayed from Ubuntu's default font settings. But with the speed being actually usable(no keyboard delays, etc), I'm more than happy with this over firefox.

Comment Help, how do you disable version check on startup? (Score 0, Offtopic) 195

Yesterday morning, my system started up saying a new version of Acrobat reader was available. HOWEVER, reader_Sl.exe couldn't be found on my reader dir, plus I had it disabled in msconfig in the Startup tab.

How the hell did this thing startup? Adobe doesn't seem to make it easy to disable any pre-loader app on startup. Why does every software company insist on jamming this crap on everyone's system?

I would love to see Symnatec, etc list this as malware. After all, same symptoms(drains system resources), and was added w/o user consent, nor is it easy to remove.

Comment My track history (Score 1) 264

ASUS EEE PC - 7 inch 4 gig SSD model: Screen's flakey in less than a year. You have to sometimes bend & twist the display, otherwise it shows just pure gray for an image.

Acer Aspire One: Windows died randomly on one occasion(reinstall fixed that). Bios died a few weeks ago, but took only 5 minutes to fix.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 439

This this this:

1. I don't want to pay a monthly subscription fee for a device that I'm not going to make phone calls with. I want the other stuff.

2. Most likely, it's going to be a cell provider that's not the one I want, or already have.

3. It will need a 2-year agreement. It will be obsolete in 1 year.

Can we please break away from the cell phone-ness for all these new neat gadgets? It's a lockdown we don't need, nor can all of us afford. If I want a GPS for my car, I want a GPS. Not 2-year commitment and monthly fees.

There's an innovation in smartphones: the lack of a 2-year contract to use it. :)

Comment Re:installed versus auto-start (Score 2, Interesting) 583

It's not the installation that bothers me but the assumption by software vendors that their software is so important that it should auto-start.

This cannot be stressed enough. Not everything needs a systray icon. Not everything needs to be so complicated to remove from startup without asking me in advance. Apple is a guilty party of this, even moreso with Itunes. Going to system.msc to try to remove a startup item(which is hard to read) is going to give you a guaranteed "access denied".

To this day I sometimes still see a little "hp" icon on the systray that disappears before I can get to it. No idea what it is. All I wanted was a printer driver. A CD burning util doesn't need to run 24/7.

When can we just start having sw vendors just label it what it really is: spyware? Sure it might not phone home, but it still has all the other symptoms in common. I thought there were a few court cases about that topic.

Comment My fun experiences with headhunters (Score 1) 344

1. Getting no less than NINE calls each from different headhunters for a position I already interviewed for, that I waited 6 months for. The interview went horrible.

2. Having a headhunter give me the usual in-person interview, then asking me a week later, "so, any new leads?". I told him that was his job.

3. Seeing a headhunter post a job ad on a local board. Guess what? It was the exact same text from the company's job ad on the first one I mentioned.

4. Daily calls from India for a job to submit me to. Oh I despised them.

5. Having a headhunter NOT submit my resume, but not telling me about it until I asked. Ditched that company after the 3rd employee from that place called me.

A headhunter is often a middleman where it is often un-needed. I would rather apply directly & keep them out of the hoops. Sadly, and friends have TONS of job ads..all made by consulting firms, with the relevant data(ie company you would be working for) left out. What do you expect when there are 10 headhunters to ONE job?

Comment I prefer the fake ads (Score 1) 352

One of the best parts of the GTA series are the hilarious fake radio commercials & stupid billboards. I swear they have a 12 year old heading the creative department at Rockstar with all the toilet humor. But all the fake media MAKES the game. You end up playing more to find all those silly things. Still want one of those degenatrons(it takes quarters!).

You can almost tell the graphic artists get bored so they put some real inappropriate content in there. I remember in one of the Carmageddon games there was a billboard showing a pic of a woman holding what looks like lemonade. Then you see the label URINE underneath it.

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