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Comment Re:Ban Walmart (Score 5, Insightful) 1591

The BIG convenience of owning a gun and ammunition is that I can take my amphetami^D^D^D prescription meds, drink a shot of jack and then impulsively decide to unload said gun on anyone that is within range, immediately, with immediate effect and a very low risk of danger to self.

The BIG convenience of owning a gun and ammunition is that I can take my gun and ammunition and defend my home from you, immediately, with immediate effect, without the high risk of waiting 20 minutes for the police to arrive.

And for dropping someone jacked up on drugs, 7 rounds might not be enough to get the job done definitively.

Comment Re:There is no murder (or other) charge yet (Score 1) 275

explain how he sidestepped a murder charge from a soverign nation

He didn't. He is a person of interested wanted for questioning, not a charged criminal. If he was a charged criminal, fleeing to the US wouldn't help, as the US has an extradition treaty with Belize that provides for the extradition of criminals charged with any of a wide array of crimes, including, naturally, as #1 on the list, murder.

.. and after posting this to his blog, he has a rather strong argument that he would be the victim of political persecution if sent back, so I would highly question whether we would send him back even if they did press charges.

Comment Re:Linux on Mac?! (Score 1) 780

(6) I spent little to no time now on system administration for my own system (compared with 20% of my work time in Linux, with unpredictable breakages)


I have been a linux fan since '95 or so, but as I have transitioned from system admin work to programming, I find that linux is high maintenance. Since getting a mac, my efficiency at actually getting work done has skyrocketed because I don't spend time fiddling with the latest window manager widgets. I use linux for servers and testing, but it still can't match the stability of a mac desktop.

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