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Comment Re:Sensationalize much? (Score 3, Interesting) 390

The prosecutors killed Swartz.

I do find the difference in opinion that rises to the top of Slashdot discussions on various topics very interesting.

In this case, the overriding opinion is that the acts of the prosecutors are responsible for the death of Swartz.

However, in at least two other cases, that of Amanda Todd and Megan Meier, the overriding opinion in those Slashdot stories was that the person or people accused of bullying were not responsible for the deaths of the victims, as suicide victims usually have underlying issues.

The duality of Slashdot is very interesting, but so is how very different, very strong opinions and very opposing opinions can still rise to the surface.

Comment Re:recycle much? (Score 1, Interesting) 102

Well, they were obsolete when they arrived, and the world had just undergone a major conflict - the planes would have to be shipped back to the UK and stripped, which would have cost money. Why spend that money, when you can spend less to mine, refine and produce the metal locally using British labour, with money ending up in British pockets?

You forget just how many WW2 aircraft were cut up, scrapped and simply buried because the cost of recycling them was too high at that time - there are over 150 Lancasters and 400 Spitfires cut up and buried at one location in Wiltshire, UK, all done in the same period that we are talking about here.

Comment Re:Japan? (Score 3, Informative) 301

The Japanese grounding was not an aviation authority move, it was individual airlines taking the prudent step on their own and has happened several times for several different aircraft types (after the A380 engine failure, several airlines took their aircraft out of use for checks) - the big news here is that the FAA took a very big step in issuing a grounding order, its not one that happens often.

Comment Re:Boeing Battery pic (Score 5, Informative) 301

It does indeed *look* bad, until you know what you should be looking for - the exterior of the box is largely unburned, and the strap is intact with no signs of burning, so the box did its job in containing the fire. The lid was removed by the fire personnel, using a tool which caused the dent in the left hand side, and the box was thrown from the aircraft.

The charring on the front of the box was caused by the connecting mechanism on the front arcing, and not the main fire itself.

So all in all, yes it looks bad, but in actuality the box did its job!

Comment Re:they outsourced some parts used to make the (Score 1) 301

They always outsource building some of the parts - in-fact, more than 30% of the Boeing 777 is sourced from outside the US, so its nothing new.

As I said in the last thread - there are no circumstances under which Boeing would have built these batteries, their chargers, their containers or the mounting brackets. They are bought in for every aircraft built by Boeing or Airbus.

Comment Re:share movement causality questionable (Score 4, Informative) 301

The Boeing 737 Classic series (737-300, -4-00 and -500) was grounded for a period of time in 1989 after the Kegworth crash - no, its not an "entire commercial airframe", because it didn't cover the earlier 737-100 and -200, but the airframes are so different that it could be considered such.

Comment Re:Why not have a petition for something USEFUL? (Score 0) 205

Interesting, considering you posted that half an hour after I posted this:

Nope, I pay more per Kwh of electricity bought from the grid than sold back to the grid, and my panels were unsubsidised (I got them before the subsidy was available in my area).

I haven't received a penny in subsidy, its all my own investment.

Comment Re:Why not have a petition for something USEFUL? (Score 0) 205

We have solar panels on our house here in Norwich, and we make money per year after using produced electricity rather than buying it off the grid, selling excess electricity to the grid and taking into account an annual cost to cover the panel costs (looks like we will cover the panel costs in 3 years from now - 8 years total).

All that in rainy UK...

Comment Re:Blaming Union Doesn't Add Up (Score 0) 237

And if you look closely at what I posted, you will infact see what I really said rather than something you think I said. I could point out a heck of a lot of stuff which happened on the Seattle FAL which was the direct cause of some of the delay, stuff which was done by union workers... Stuff which resulted in a fire, weeks of rework on built aircraft, months of slow production etc etc.

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