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Comment Re:Long-time perl developer (Score 1) 263

Moose should be a swear word. Every time I've encountered Moose, it just made maintenance harder. The argument about eliminating boilerplate code is laughable, when you look at any Moose class with pages of crap at the top. (should be indented, but slashdot ecode sucks)

has 'blah' => {
is => 'rw',
isa => 'Str',

Thanks, I could've put that in a hash, and I didn't really care if it was a string or modifiable. Now I get useless Java-like stacktraces to boot. Not to mention the implicit things like "_build", "clear", and reimplementations of things that were already native perl (traits; oh, wow, I can....count the number of items in an array now? and return those items? and tell if it was empty? Thanks for the unnecessary crap, oh yes this is much more readable....).

Comment Re:Transparency ? (Score 1) 272

Did anyone here a call of engine cut-off in the NASA TV feed? .... Also, when I fly I like my pilots to be well dressed and professional.

I understand where your coming from. As a former USAF airman I like sharp uniforms and haircuts

These fashion-obsessed, grammatically-challenged posts could bee seen as arguments four SpaceX....

Comment Re:Incidentally... (Score 1) 633

I have a gluten intolerance, so your "Bud uses rice" parenthetical comment interested me; soooo.... googling/wikipedia-ing, I was somewhat-pleasantly surprised to find that Bud and Corona do have less than 20 ppm gluten, so maybe.....I (or my immune system) could tolerate those (the "research" seems a bit controversial). I do (did) for some reason like Corona, though it's probably safer to stick with wine. Anyway, IMHO wine has a perfect level of alcohol for getting a little buzz going without getting too drunk while at the same time avoiding excess bloating/pissing.

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