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Comment Re:Heh, welcome to the new world order bud (Score 1) 425

I think even those will be lost over a century. A hundred years from now "Star Wars" might be mentioned in some kind of documentary on film history, in a node far, far away in whatever hypermedium they live in then (who will care and be aware that they can access it?). Films will probably have been a quaint form of entertainment for those poor folks who lived a hundred years ago.

Comment Re:Copy and paste? (Score 1) 101

Copying and pasting code should generally be avoided (refactored instead of duplicated if possible). Otherwise, if there is a bug in the code copied, you have to fix it in multiple places.

Gasp, you have to fix it in multiple places? Sorry, but compared to refactoring, that is much faster. Especially if you're programming professionally, you avoid refactoring and copy/paste like a WINNER! Refactoring is a waste of time on code that you're probably going to throw away anyway. Refactoring (except when necessary) is a best practice only for people who write books or blogs, not for real programmers. Refactor only after you copy/pasted at least 10 times and you're pretty sure that you'll have to do it many more times.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 237

It's a bit of a strawman, since everybody wasn't stopping by the library every evening before the internet (laugh). Now a lot more people do, in a way, online; of course a lot more people also do the equivalent of going to pubs or other kinds of entertainment, but that's fine too.

I don't think it's a waste, anyway. Investment in information-age infrastructure. In the 50s, how expensive it was to build all those highways! Yeah, but look at how much easier it is to get (things) from here to there. Relative to the previous economy it was a huge cost, but then again you also boosted the economy. (Maybe "economy" has a bad connotation; I should say "productivity" or "power" (to do things).) Could've saved by riding around on horses, but then "lost" a lot more. The boost we get from the internet enables us to tackle problems we previously couldn't. I don't think we should be trying to save energy, instead we should be trying to figure out how to make more of it! (And how to get rid of the waste properly, too.)

Comment Re:What will NOT happen (Score 1) 444

Depends where the postage-stamp sized display is. People could wear goggles instead of monitors, or eventually retinal projectors attached to their glasses. You think it's funny, but I remember when people started talking on mobile phones how odd they seemed to be, talking to themselves. It'll seem weird at first when people are gesturing and manipulating things that aren't there, but people will get used to it.

Comment Re:Are they -trying- to kill Firefox? (Score 1) 683

If you write a WWW application that uses HTML, anything can use it.

I think you've hit on the next idea. Why even refer to it as Firefox? Just an unpronounceable symbol, The Application Formerly Known as Firefox. ("Application", because why call it a browser? (But is anything really being "applied"...?))

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