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Comment Re:Some of us are grown-ups (Score 1) 515

Telecoms are skating on a fine line of "I can't take any more of this crap" to "I don't care enough about the crap I'm getting to cancel this". Apparently they're doing it well enough to make money.

I think it's a bit hyperbolic to claim that we as a majority of people will end up being sheep/cogs in a slaughterhouse in which our money is the ultimate goal. There is a tipping point, when that is though, I don't know. I just hope we can do get past this sort of thing without violence.

Comment Re:Some of us are grown-ups (Score 2) 515

have absolute control over what we can or cannot do with the devices we buy

I don't think this will happen - another company can swoop in and take the market share of disgruntled users if there are any. The only reason I can see people having to use a device they don't want to use is if they are *mandated* to do so - there's a reason Apple has been so successful in the phone market, and it's not because they have an iron grip on the users' testes.

Comment Re:give 100% to Charity (Score 1) 553

Yeah, that'll teach them to do exactly what pirates have been insisting major publishers should do! How dare they give us the option to pay what we want!? They must be punished!!

Yeah! They totally released these DRM free and cross platform so we should... wait a minute..

In all honesty, giving all to charity is a perfectly valid option to choose and THQ surely expects that some people may choose to do that.

Comment Re:Skeuomorphic design is useless and stupid (Score 1) 487

What you are describing is iconography, an entirely different beast than skeuomorphism. For examples of skeuomorphism gone wild (woo?) check out the ridiculous leather on the "Calendar" app for Mac OS X, or how the Address Book looks like a literal goddamn address book - that sort of thing is just not necessary, and you can achieve the EXACT same functionality without the skeuomorphism.

Comment Re:Dear god no (Score 1) 182

They are trying to make Ubunutu more user friendly, showing console information on bootup is "scary" for a non technical user.

Whether they succeed in making it user friendly is another discussion entirely. However, you can disable the non-console bootup by removing "silent" from the grup parameters (as far as I remember, anyway, they may have changed it again)

sidenote: seriously slashdot? I have to format my comments in some pidgin html?

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