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Journal Journal: So i'm on a cruise ship 9

So i'm on this cruise ship heading to alaska and all i can find to do is post this JE.

hope your day is going as good as mine.

For the nosey, Me and Mrs. Neto are on the ms Volendam.
kids are supposedly safe at home with thier grandmother.

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Journal Journal: A better Experiment 2

Write letters to your young children with words of advice in case you pass away before they are grown.
Try not to break the fuck up crying.

The Wife and I are travelling for a few weeks and leaving our 4 kids with the grandparents.
trying to get everything in place just in case there is an incident has been nerve wracking.
Will's, POA's and other legal stuff has been in place for a while.
But just making sure the right things are done is a pain.


Journal Journal: For Fort Knox /. FFL 2

/. FFL?

this going to happen this year?

cmon man, you can do it.

PS: if you got burned last year by some farkers not paying, don't worry about it this year.


Journal Journal: Life at 120 mph 10

Well I went on a road trip friday because there was nothing
else to do.
I was cruising at 70 when a bunch of cars just passed me
like I was standing still.
I said what the heck and nudged it up to 85 when the front
end started to stutter a bit ( I think my pirelli p6000's
that came with the car are crap.) but I pushed it to 90 and
it smoothed out.
At about 100 my Poor Baby (94 Jaguar XJ6) sort of tightened up and squatted.
I've only felt that feeling in my friends 67 Vette with a
427 Rat. This was on the way to a friends wedding where he
was best man and I was a groomsman. We were really
late. Tequila is bad the night before a wedding.
So while I was at 100 another car passed me. so I said, what
the hell and pushed it to 110 and still didn't notice any
I creeped up on 120 then chickened out remembering that my
tires are crap. they have good tread, but I don't like how
they feel.

It was a good day.

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Journal Journal: wrote this yesterday... 5

the question was:"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than hands?" - Ernest Gaines

My answer was:

I hold hand's with my son.
I've held the hand of a man wounded and dying.
I've locked elbows with an elderly and blind men, helping them across the room/road/porch.

But I'm not sure that even men that are closer than brothers are inclined to hold hands if it's not to aid the other or to greet them.

even without a 'gay' connotation I don't think it's in the biological makeup of human males to have intimate personal contact without reason. This includes contact with women.

I remember as a boy the first time I didn't want to hold hands with my father as I crossed the street. I wanted to be a big boy. I could do it without his help, even though I would have freaked out if he wasn't there.

I still hug my father when I see him even though we don't get along. but when we part, we shake hands. The same 'rule' applies with my little brother.

I look forward with trepidation the day my son says 'dad I don't need your help' when walking across the parking lot or across the street. But I'll look down with pride that he's taking a bigger step towards the independence he needs to get on in the world.

I believe seeing 2 healthy men hold hands makes other males uncomfortable because they instinctively think that somethings wrong. 'is one of them hurt, blind, crippled?' 'They are just gay' probably isn't the first thought of a healthy man. Then again with society today who knows.

When I see two men holding guns, rifles, compound bows, whatever, If they are at the range or out on the farm I don't worry. Because they are taking part in an activity that they enjoy.
But if i were to see those same two men, law enforcement, military or otherwise in a school, bank, or even on the street in an offensive posture I would be worried. Because these men intend to do harm.

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Journal Journal: some dipshit asked for it. 2

Grab the nearest book, Turn to page 23, Find the fifth sentence, Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

"In other words, you recieve a 50 percent bonus for improving your spell-casting skill."

Master of Magic Strategy Guide.


Journal Journal: FOr the love of all that is holy! 5

Baby wipes are not an appropiate substitute for Tucks if you run out.

Damn that burned.

worse that the time I thought Athletes foot spray would be good for jock itch.

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Journal Journal: WTF? Get to work faggot! 2

so there's this new kid at work.
He dresses weird and says he's something called Emo.
I said my kids had a tickle me one of those when they were babies.
he looked offended.

I think i made his day though.


Journal Journal: Rome 1

Anyone else watching this on HBO? or getting the torrents like I am?

Quality stuff maynard.

Star Wars Prequels

Journal Journal: Best. Gorram. Movie. Evar 4

Well. maybe not best but damn fine.

Man i'm looking forward to more.

no spoilers here, waiting on GMHowell to see it.

The Matrix

Journal Journal: Any of you chuckleheads looking for work?

the company I contract with has a few openings in Central Illinois if you live here. Or if your willing to relocate.

the recruiter referred to them as networking or tech jobs.

But at the client that could mean anything.

email me @ blackneto - at - blackneto - dot - com if you want info.

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Journal Journal: Damn 6

I just checked, I got a shitload of fans.

You people need help.


Journal Journal: Comics I'm currently reading

As a tie in to the front page article, heres a list of my current comic subscriptions.


All the starwars comics.

Steve Rude's The Moth.

I usually only read Batman but they started a big xover so i'm collecting all the titles for the moment.


WALKING DEAD - quality b&w zombie fare.

She Hulk - the new series, she's working for a law firm that specializes in legal care for super heroes/ villans.

The Hulk - have every issue for the past 20 years. still trying to complete the collection.

THE PUNISHER - they started a new volume. Frank killed Micro.

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