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Journal Journal: Damn 6

I just checked, I got a shitload of fans.

You people need help.


Journal Journal: Comics I'm currently reading

As a tie in to the front page article, heres a list of my current comic subscriptions.


All the starwars comics.

Steve Rude's The Moth.

I usually only read Batman but they started a big xover so i'm collecting all the titles for the moment.


WALKING DEAD - quality b&w zombie fare.

She Hulk - the new series, she's working for a law firm that specializes in legal care for super heroes/ villans.

The Hulk - have every issue for the past 20 years. still trying to complete the collection.

THE PUNISHER - they started a new volume. Frank killed Micro.

United States

Journal Journal: My prediction. 1

Now that Reagan is dead, Communism will be in full force in Russia in 2 years.

So we need to freeze his body and then pump it full of stem cells to bring him back when we need him again.

Zombie Reagan.

Oh yeah.


Journal Journal: WTF??? 1

Whats with all the Microsoft advertising on /.



Journal Journal: Kitchen Knives 11

About a year ago somebody had a JE about quality kitchen knives. /. and google searches haven't revealed anything.
Anyone remember who's journal it's in.

We are getting ready to replace our main chainstore knives this spring.

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Journal Journal: Bourbon for breakfast 4

Our Maker's who art in bottle, Hallowed be they distilling.
Thy Drinking be done, in flasks as it is in glasses.
Give today our daily shot
Forgive our mumbling, as wefa agoehaglg
Lead us not into undrunkedness, but deliver us from MADD
For thine is the corn the rye and the charcoal mellowing


User Journal

Journal Journal: I'm about done with /. 12

Been reading this rag for the past 7 years.
Used to be good reading, programming/sysadmin tips.
Not really into subscribing, just not enough offered. at least with totalfark i get more news stories to read.

Just not enough going on here anymore.

Used to have a cool low uid: http://slashdot.org/~Ch0k3r
But lost it to an email foul up and Cowpoker Neal just said tuff create another account.

Trolled for a bit, enough to ruin this accounts chance of ever being able to moderate.

The JE's are ok but getting monotonous.

The big kicker is the effin Microsoft ads. I get enough MS at work. I know what Microsoft has to offer me and my customers. I could care less.
The last 4 things I've installed for customers have been GPL solutions and they couldn't be happier.

So i'm about to unfriend a bunch of folks so the notifications don't pile up. I still love you all but I barely read the JE's any more.

I still read /. but it's not a daily thing anymore. more like once every 3 days.

FK i'm still up for continuing the FFL. So don't count me out of that.

Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: 2 new rules in life 10

1. If you're a woman, I don't want to talk to you about your problems unless I'm your dad or I'm fucking you.
2. If you're a man, I don't want to hear your problems unless you are buying me a drink.

thank you.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal Journal: BDSS

Best Damn Sports Show.
Donnie Walhberg (sp?)
He's actually pretty good on it.


Journal Journal: Firefly DVD goodness 3

Oh Yeah.
Got it yesterday.
Includes 3 episodes that didn't air.

Please please buy it so they decide to resurrect this show.
Or at least do some made for tv movies for it.


Journal Journal: Suck on it Durst

When my fist clenches, crack it open
Before I use it and lose my cool
When I smile, tell me some bad news
Before I laugh and act like a fool
If I swallow anything evil
Put your finger down my throat
If I shiver, please give me a blanket
Keep me warm, let me wear your coat

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