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Comment RAID + external hard drives (Score 1) 499

Having a 1 1/2 yr old son, I went thru the same questions you have. This is the working solution that I currently have in place.

1) Running a DLINK DNS323 SAN, in raid mode. This is the main repository.
2) Purchases 2 external 2TB USB drives. I keep one here at home. Every 2-3 months I copy pictures/videos to one, bring it to my parents place and bring back the other one. Rinse and repeat every couple of months. This also protects me from losing pictures if the house was robbed, caught fire, etc..
3) Every 6 months or so I also get selected pictures professionally printed. Usually anywhere between 50-100 pictures. They are then stored in nice photobooks.

Last Xmas I also surprised my wife with a professionally done photobook, with pictures celebrating our first dates up to the first 6 months of my son's life. She really treasures that gift.It can get pretty expensive (100-200$), but oh so worth it.

Comment Re:aplenty (Score 1) 297

For the first 10 or so years of Costco's existence in Canada (mostly known under the name Price Club), you could only get a membership if you worked for the government (federal of provincial) or were a business owner. The primary account holder could also add 2-3 people to their 'membership. So what's happening in the UK isn't something new.

Submission + - Surfing 2.0: Sensors in Board Record Everything (singularityhub.com)

kkleiner writes: "Internationally known Spanish surf company Pukas teamed up with Spain’s research giant Tecnalia to create a surfboard that records everything that happens to it out on the waves. Think of it as surfing’s equivalent of a jet plane’s blackbox. SurfSens, as the project is called, uses a wide array of sensors – accelerometers, strain gauges, compass, GPS, etc. – to make scientific measurements while a surfer is twisting and shredding. How do they take all this amazing data and translate it into something they can use? The Robot Operating System. That’s right, SurfSens uses ROS to visualize and process their data – open source robotics just broke into professional sports. Watch world renowned surfer Aritz Aranburu and others try out SurfSens in the amazing video."

Comment Re:old hardware, probably (Score 1) 931

A UPS isn't a choice where I live. Its a must, as we often get brownouts. So its not being affected by spikes and sags. As far as my next upgrade, since our wonderful government has gone to time of use for electricty, and the rates are skyrocketing, I'll be going with a laptop instead of a desktop. 25-30w of power vs 750-800w is a no brainer. I no longer game much on the PC so upgrading isn't a requirement.

Comment Re:old hardware, probably (Score 1) 931

Wow, power supplies blow all the time. I've had to replace 4 for family members in the last 18 months or so. I'll be looking for a replacement machine soon for myself as my motherboard is dying (Asus P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP, not a cheap mobo). The board is about 4 years old. Onboard sound is dead. 2 of the SATA controllers are crapping out. BIOS settings aren't saving on reboot (and I've tried changing the battery 3 times). I haven't upgraded from XP for only one reason, really. There's no direct XP to Win 7 upgrade path. I have dozens upon dozens of apps that I use on a regular basis. I can't be bothered spending a week + reinstalling the apps until I absolutely need to.

Comment Re:Cheap NAS (Score 1) 609

I second this. I just bought my 2nd DNS 323 after the first one got full. (its cheaper to buy 2 DNS 323 which are 2 bays, compared to getting the 4 bay version). I shoot a lot of pics, and at 20-25 meg per RAW file, it adds up quickly. The first is stacked with 2x1.5 TB drives, the 2nd with 2x2TB drives. I've got them running in RAID 1 for hardware redundancy. Great little devices and cheap (150$ Canadian). With the latest firmware you can even run NFS, and a native bittorrent client.

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