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Comment Wave (Score 1) 8

So is this thing going to replace email/IM/cellphones/writing by hand?

I've read a few articles about it, but I guess nothing about it has grabbed me. What do you, yourself, use it for, if you don't mind my asking?

Comment Re:What's the Problem (Score 1) 96

Also, none of this conjecture really makes sense in light of the conclusion of the article, which seems to be "use the MIT license", which is offers no defense even to linking.

Sure, it does. One subtle point of the article is that the GPL is a confusing license that doesn't provide the protections people think it does, because it's "not viral enough." If that is case, why bother with it? Use a license that's simple and works the way people think it does. He even recommends the Sleepcat license for those wanting strong copyleft, because it is much simpler than the GPL.

Note: Just restating the article, not necessarily my own opinion.

Comment Re:OpenOffice legendary? (Score 1) 324

I tried to convince my wife to write her master's thesis using LateX, but she decided that spending a couple weeks learning something new wasn't worth it. She was very sorry at the end of the process when she spent over a month doing nothing but fighting Word's formatting glitches that show up in huge documents.

I didn't press harder in the beginning because I don't have LateX experience either, so I didn't feel confident that I'd be able to find satisfactory answers to questions she might have. Honestly, it seems pretty overwhelming getting started.

Does anyone have a low-learning-curve, take-your-time method for learning LateX?

Comment Re:Guilty conscience? (Score 1) 790

Yeah, it's great to harp on the rich because their lives are so much easier. I guess you don't realize how much they actually do pay in taxes. Here's a page near the top of the Google results for "united states percentage of taxes paid relative to income".

That page is 9 years old but it's pretty illuminating. In particular, the introduction points out these three facts:
* The top 1% of taxpayers pay 29% of all taxes.
* The top 5% of taxpayers pay 50% of all taxes.
* The bottom 50% of taxpayers pay nothing or almost nothing.

The intro then goes on to say that tax breaks are often put in a negative light because they'll benefit the rich the most. And why would that be? Because the rich are paying almost all of the taxes.

Comment Re:As usual with new Firefox releases... (Score 1) 436

Basically, you add the feed address to your reader. Most websites have them now, especially webcomics and blogs. Your reader periodically checks the feed and looks for updates.

So now the reader handles all of the update checking, and you just read the updates as they come in. All in one place, organized however you like.

Comment Re:Surprised? Don't be, it's open source. (Score 1) 325

There's essentially no difference between these two situations. Let me annotate your text a bit to point out the similarities:

All curl is doing is writting a stream of bytes to stdout and ffmpeg is reading a stream of bytes from stdin that it then interprets as a video and plays.

And all Powershell is doing is writing a stream of bytes to stdout, and then reading a stream of bytes from stdin that it then interprets as an object and calls methods on.

Comment Re:I have to out-pedant you here (Score 1) 93

To be even more specific: In your first set of examples, the dimensions are actually adjectives describing some noun, and adjectives aren't pluralized. (Although I'm sure someone can find a counter-example.) In the second set, the measurements are nouns themselves, so they get the plural treatment.

Comment Re:$100? Are we really all this insane? (Score 1) 246

Didn't you know that you can get a Dvorak layout on any keyboard? In almost any OS, the keyboard layout is defined in software. Check it out:

You can pick up a split-key or "natural" style keyboard for about $20 if you look hard enough.

I switched to Dvorak about 5 years ago. My wrists and fingers are thanking me for it.

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