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Comment What worries me (Score 2) 342

Reading the article, the companies are unhappy with the Transportation Department rule that requires them to include all taxes in their advertised rates because that rule "violate their free-speech rights".

The "free speech" card is so abused nowadays that it will soon lose any meaning.

Comment Re:Islamic extremist values (Score 5, Insightful) 193

You know what's funny? I notice the same attitude in US (I'm from Europe).

The American public is OK with movies showing all and any kind of violence - from "simple" headshots to horrific torture and mutilation. But when the same movie is showing some skin, they have to mention how disgusted they are. I just don't get it.

Comment Misinforming, as usual (Score 5, Informative) 373

Man, I don't know why I even bother to visit Slashdot these days. Everything is so much misinformation that you're wiser not reading anything.

If anything, this post is like the one from yesterday about rooting the Nexus 4 phone.

Here's the deal: Some CSS properties, before becoming standard, have vendor-specific prefixes, like -moz, -webkit, -ms and -o. Sometimes their syntax is different (for example with gradients), or things like border-radius-top-left vs border-top-left-radius. As they become standardized. the prefix is dropped.

Now, MS is advising developers to include the W3C-standard property name instead of (or in addition to) the vendor-specific one.

To give a simple example, MS supports the W3C standard border-radius, but if the developer only targets -webkit-border-radius, it will work only in webkit. BTW, webkit also supports W3C border-radius, so there's currently no reason to use the prefix, at least on this property.

Comment Been there, done that, never again (Score 5, Interesting) 615

Eight years ago I worked with my team of 12 for 110 days at 16 hours per day. We had to because the project was late (due to client's management and internal politics) and because we were paid by the hour.

Financially it was worth it, the pay was very good and let's just say it changed my life. In terms of accomplishing anything however, I think the money was not well spent. Everyone was so tired after 8-10 hours that they just faked it. Productivity was very low, the resulting code was crap, morale was abysmal even with the financial incentives. Luckily most of the team members were single (only 3 of us were married). After 100 days, no one could actually do any real work that required thought, we had to wind down for a month.

Like I said, I think it was a good experience (both financially and in learning one's limits) but I would not do it again. I don't think an artist or programmer can be productive more that 6-8 hours/day, everything else is browsing, chatting, faking it or simply doing bad work.

Anything past occasional shit-happens-needs-to-be-fixed-now overtime is bad management. When young people are involved, it's relatively easy to push them into pulling insane hours, because they may be single and want to prove themselves and don't know their limits and don't know any better, but it's not productive.

Comment Err, no (Score 1) 135

If you take the time to analyse a modern page, you'll see that the ads usually represent a relatively small chunk.

What really slows the pages down is over reliance on javascript frameworks. Pages that use both jquery and another framework such as scriptaculous are not uncommon. What's worse is that the developers often use these libraries for trivial effects, stuff that can easily done directly in javascript. Then most pages have scripts for at least 3-4 social media sites (Facebook Like box, Twitter counter, G+ counter, etc.), live tweet box, 5-8 different css files...

And then they spend a fortune on bandwidth, CDN services and faster servers, when by optimizing content they'd get more performance.

Comment Re:Obvious question: (Score 5, Informative) 1007

Thanks for the link. It's pretty clear:

Due to negative publicity about this vaccine, the use of the pertussis vaccine decreased in many areas of the world. For example, in Japan, children stopped receiving the pertussis vaccine by 1975. In the three years before the vaccine was discontinued, there were 400 cases of pertussis and 10 deaths from pertussis. In the three years after the pertussis vaccine was discontinued, there were 13,000 cases of pertussis and 113 deaths from pertussis! It should be noted that although the side effects of the old pertussis vaccine were high, no child ever died from pertussis vaccine.

Comment They should do that only when... (Score 5, Informative) 305

They should do that only when Wallet is available in all countries. Google Wallet is not available in my country, I cannot receive payments so I HAVE TO rely on Paypal for this.

My app is available on Apple's AppStore, Blackberry's AppWorld, Amazon, Intel AppUp and Samsung's store and they all can send payments. It's just Google who doesn't. Even stranger is that they DO make payments to my country in the AdSense program, I just don't understand why they don't do this for apps on the Chrome Webstore or Google Play.

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