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Comment Re:bullshit (Score 1) 454

And then what? The US will be called "invaders" it happens every time. The US will be accused of invading Syria to steal mid-east oil, just like when the US pushed Iraq out of Kuwait.

Muslims, all over the world, will blame the US for everything. Terrorist attack against US interests will follow.

And for what? The crazies will go right back to killing one another, just like they have for over 1000 years.

Neither side, in this conflict, will ever be friends with the US. Neither side are the good guys.

Leave the mid-east alone, let them solve their own problems, in their own way.

According to your post:

> especially since this civil war has no end in sight.

Exactly. Both sides are committed to non-stop violence against each other, and everybody else. It is just the way things are in the mid-east. It is their culture, and we cannot change it.

Submission + - Stop Blaming Indian Companies for Visa Abuse (bloomberg.com)

walterbyrd writes: It is amazing, in this racially enlightened century, that we still see members of the U.S. Congress demonizing an ethnic group. Yet that is what happened when the Senate adopted a provision in the immigration bill singling out Indian and Indian-American information-technology companies that have operations in the U.S. with punitive restrictions on H-1B work visas. By contrast, the legislation expanded access to the visa to others in the technology industry.

Comment Re:Tell me again (Score 1) 918

It's a good chance for the USA to flex its military muscles and show the rest of the world that yeah, Iraq wasn't too great. But challenge us and we'll tear your country to pieces.

Then we can enjoy even more terrorist attacks against innocent civilians.

The Qur'an demands that those who make mischief om Muslim lands be slain. That is what the terrorist, who butchered the British soldier on the street, was referring to after his attack.

Submission + - Microsoft Bribe Probe Reaches Into Pakistan, Russia Deals (wsj.com)

walterbyrd writes: The probe is one of dozens being conducted by U.S. officials under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a 1977 law that prohibits U.S. traded companies from paying bribes to foreign officials. The law also holds companies liable for improper payments made by others on their behalf.

Comment Re:Put some old news in a new context (Score 1) 237

With fiber optics...I don't think it's very easy. Especially with the new doped fibers that do their own recharging.

It used to be that there had to be transceivers every so often along the fiber, to turn the optical signals back into electronic signals, then generate new laser pulses. The new cables basically build lasers into the fiber, allow it to refresh the signal without going through that process.

Comment Re:The US should stay out of it (Score 1) 222

> So, keep in your mind, its not that Muslim's hate you because you are an infidel, its because of the US policies of its own interest

So why do Muslims hate Buddhists, Hindus, and other Muslims?

Muslims hate the US, but not just the US. Muslims have instigated war, and terrorism, all over the world. Much more so than any other religion.

What is with all the fatwas? How often do the clergy of the other religions demand death for critics of their religion?

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