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Comment Because PC buyers have no choice (Score 2) 285

Most places that sell PCs only sell Win8. If you can get Win7 at all, you have to pay a premium for it.

Also, people figure "I might as well buy it now, since I am going to be forced to use it anyway."

People are *not* buying Win8 because they like it. If people had a choice, they would stay with win7, or XP.

Comment Just stop going to movie theaters (Score 1) 924

That is what I do, and for just the reasons this article mentions.

Prices are too high, most movies are not very good, and then I have to listen to some asshole run his mouth through the entire thing.

I would rather wait a few months, and watch the movie on pay-per-view, or something.

Home theaters are good, and affordable. I can stop the movie when I like. I do not have to pay $15 for popcorn and soda.

I used to go to movies all the time, but not anymore.

Comment I can't wait! (Score 0) 395

For a few months I am consulting in San Jose and driving from Berkeley. I can't wait for all of those folks to move to the cities and get off the roads! Typical commute is 1.5 hours to drive no more than 49 miles. Even getting on the road at 6 AM doesn't beat the traffic.

Comment Re:Phenotipyc variance (Score 1) 204

I am no authority on homosexuality. All I really know is that I meet a lot of gay folks here in Berkeley, and they are every bit as nice as anyone else.

Nor am I a genetics expert. But I know enough to hold a discussion.

You are right that there may be no genetic connection with homosexuality, because it doesn't seem to be inherited in general. But there are intriguing differences such as digit ratio, and we know that many developmental differences can have a genetic factor. Who knows what we will find?

I think the flaw with your argument is that you are assuming that homosexuals don't breed. Not true, and there may also be factors increasing the success of their offspring such as small, educated and relatively affluent families.

Next, do not assume that direct reproductive success is the only possible pro-survival factor. The contribution of homosexuals to the reproductive success of their close genetic relatives or even their community may be a pro-survival factor for genes like their own.

Comment Not necessarily the right place (Score 2, Insightful) 97

I have no objection to protocol experiments that are 100% Open Source implementations. I wouldn't trust one that was not, and an Open Standard is just instructions for people who make implementations.

But it seems that a lot of this might belong in a system facility rather than the browser and server. I don't know if it makes sense to put all of TLS in the kernel, but at least it could go in its own process. Using UDP is fine for an experiment, but having 200 different ad-hoc network stacks each tied into their own application and all of them using UDP is not.

Comment Re:It's dead either way, why not try this? (Score 1) 371

What you want exists under the Part 5 rules, which you can read here. That is a separate radio service that allows experimentation for commercial purposes and other things that would not fit in Amateur radio. You have to file notices, but you can do what you want, and on a lot of different frequencies.

The Part 97 rules for the Amateur Sevice create a pretty good balance between the needs of all of the various users of Amateur radio. It's not really designed for all sorts of experimentation without limit, it's more for experimentation by individuals with explicitly non-profit and personal motivation.

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