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United States

Submission + - why do US citizens pay income taxes?

An anonymous reader writes: Why do US citizens pay income taxes?
There must be a law that requires them to do it, right?

Well, it seems it is not the case [google video].

The Constitution specifically forbids any direct tax on wages and salaries, and the Supreme Courts consistently ruled in the same way.
Not a single dollar of income taxes is used, as widely believed, to offer and sustain public services.

It was an interesting video to watch, and btw I am not an US citizen, have no affiliation with any of the authors or organizations cited or whatever.
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Journal Journal: Working at 3am 1

I got a call late this morning. It's an adjunct faculty member. Apparently, she was just informed that she would be teaching a specific class, starting tomorrow, and wanted to find out if the lab was set up for it. Now, in this case there are no lab computers, each student uses his or her own laptop which is provided by the University for the program. After telling her this, and asking, "what class?!?" she sends me a document detailing the system requirements. It's not terrible, and I figur

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