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Journal Journal: iTunes tv

Looks like a good idea. If they could get a few more shows on there they might have a winner. If they can get a deal with fox (so far the only major network to hold out) before 24 airs they stand to make some money. Now if I could get that in HD...*

List of Shows I want on iTunes:
24 (fox)
The Shield (fx)
The Wire (hbo)

*I understand that their vipods can't do HD but who the hell is watching on that tiny ass screen. They could always encode two video tracks into the same file making it HD where available (I'm pretty sure that's possible). Could the internet kill HDTV just like it killed DVD audio?
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Journal Journal: Improvised, Explosive, & Divisive

As I've said earlier, I read Harper's (not "Harper's Bazaar" you twit). The writers often times like to close their articles with an anecdotal story that sums up their original point. Which in this case is that the endgame strategy in Iraq isn't being given enough thought because the Administration, The Military, and the American people just don't care enough about Iraq.

"Take hold of the grommets" he tells me when he unhooks the U.S. flag from it's ropes. As I hold the grommets the commander carefully folds the flag, leaving the star side up, and by the end he has managed a tight triangle of bright, perfectly bundled cloth. The Iraqi flag is next, I stand there waiting to be handed my end, but after he unclasps the Iraqi flag he bunches it up and throws it onto a nearby by chair. I look at this sad, rumpled bit of cloth and then at him. He catches himself and does not quite smile as he looks at his boots. "We don't usually fold that one."

I'd link to the full article but this issue is not on their website just yet.
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Journal Journal: F.Y.V.M.P.J. 8

Fuck You Very Much Peter Jackson.

Seriously, why the fuck did King Kong need to be over three hours? Other than "because Peter Jackson is a tool" I'm at a loss for words. At, or around the scene where a character gets eaten alive by giant maggots (a fate he could have easily avoided by simply walking away from them), I could no longer suspend disbelief and chose to laugh at the stupidity of the film.

I hope they never let him direct anything longer than 90 minutes again. In closing don't see King Kong It's a dreadful waste of three hours.

Journal Journal: Clearchanel 103.1 2

There's this radio station in LA Called "Indie 103.1". They currently rein supreme as the station that sucks just a little less than all the others. Boy do they let it go to their heads though. The DJs are constantly going on about how "cool and indie" they are. Today on the drive home the Dj goes on about world premiering "The White Stripes - Walking with a ghost". Except it's not really a White Stripes song, nor is it new. "Tegan and Sara" came out with it last year. In the middle of the song the DJ pauses the music to boast about how Indie gets all the cool music first.

They must have high workman's comp premiums over there. Pat yourself on the back like that all the time and your bound to get hurt sooner or later. The kicker is that they're owned by Clearchannel.

Journal Journal: NYC! 5

I just booked a flight to NYC and another back for like 89 dollars each way.
Going on 30 Nov comming back on 03 Dec.

Now I have a month to figure out hotel and what to do while I'm there. Schweet!

Journal Journal: LOL

Got this months Harper's in the mail today, flipped to "Harper's Index" and saw this little jem.

Chances that a user of Pfizer's new Parkinson's disease drug will become a pathological gambler as a result: 3 in 200.

Yes I read Harper's. Hey it's not like I drive a vespa or anything.
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Journal Journal: SLAM!... SLAM! 3

Today my brother and I were car-pooling to work on Willsher Blvd. There was a sudden stop in traffic. When SLAM we get hit from behind, and then thirty seconds later we get hit again pushing us into the car right in front of us.

We start the info swap turns out the car we got pushed into just has scratches and it's a rental so he doesn't care.
The car behind us is fucked. It's a Saturn and got wedged between my brothers car and a Jeep SUV.

In spite of all the that we were able to get to work and lay ~60 feet of 1" PVC. I got to use one of those heater blankets it was "hot".

How was your day?
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Journal Journal: Coachella pics: part 2 3

More photos from Coachella. These ones include: Arcade fire, The Bravery, Bright eyes, The faint, The fiery furnace, The Futureheads, New order, Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy.

The image quality isn't quite as good. These are from a Kodak digicam, as opposed to the first batch taken on my Canon.
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Journal Journal: Incoming! 1

I went to Coachella this weekend. My girlfriend's magazine scored her some press/photo passes. She got me some sweet pics from the show before the digicam died.

I got pics from: RazorLight, Rilo Kylie, Wilco, Weezer, Bauhaus, Bloc Party, ColdPlay, Kasabian, and the Fiery furnaces. After that we borrowed her friends camera so It'll take a while to get hold of the pictures from those shows (The Bravery, Arcade Fire, New Order, NIN, Bright Eyes, The Prodigy, etc).

Let me know if you'd like to see them.

Journal Journal: Here I sit

I'm double booked.

Plan goes like this:
I met this stripper back-stage at monster magnet's thursday-night show. We talked a bit she was pretty rad and gave me some free admittance cards for her strip club. She works at CrazyGirls on fridays and saturdays. Anybody who's been reading my journal for a while knows it's quite a coincidence. It'd be fun to hang there again for a few ticks.

Plan two: A friend of mine got himself on the guest list for an exclusive party. It usually a $20 cover if you're lucky enough to get a chance to pay it.

Personally I don't really want to do either. I'd much rather just stay in and fuck around on the internet. It's been a rather rugged week and I'm sore from it.

My mate just called about the second plan and It looks like were on so I'll just have to suck it up and put on my party face. Maybe I'll do plan one next week. As usual I'll let you know if anything noteworthy happens.
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Journal Journal: Laptop Saga concluded and a crazy night. 4

I got the sucker in the mail on tuesday. It's badass Later this month I'll be getting DSL in my apartment and go back to my irregularly scheduled party journal. For now here's one to tide you over.

I was hanging with a mate of mine last week we'll call him jasb it was a Wednesday and we were foraging for a nightout. First we went to VIDA. On the way up the ramp some drunk silverlake uber-hipster started cursing us out for no apparent reason. I didn't really catch what she said but it sounded like she called us niggers. This struck me as odd since I'm about as white as they come.

We went in the bartender was MIA there and it was wall to wall "silverlakers". Hipsters are annoying, but I have a special sorta vendetta against the silverlake variety.

Thing is I actually grew up in silverlake. I played little league baseball in Bellevue park. Silverlake is my fucking neighborhood. Now these pompous assholes moved in and everyone associates the city with them. I feel robbed.

Next we moved on to "Ye Rustic" my mate comes through with a round. Next he grabbed a booth in the back-room. I'm on my way through the passage to join him when the waitress doubled back without looking. I try to dodge but it's hopeless. My beer gets spilled all over her and me. Mostly one me. She apologizes I tell her it's okay and sit down in the booth.

I scan the room and clock the booth just across from us has two unattended, reasonably attractive women. One of them smiles at me. I'm not sure if it's for the beer incident just a second ago or because she's into me. I leave it for now.

The two guys sitting against the wall didn't hold back though. They started working on them and chatting them up. My mate is feeling like going to the next one. So I tell him we'll go for a quick smoke and if we don't meet anyone we'll move on. Right as were getting up I overhear one of the girls ask the guys if they have a light. I pull out my zippo and light it quickly as I walk by. Close it with a wink and keep walking.

"Nevermind" she says as she follows me to the door. I light her up and we start talking. Her friend joins and we all seam to be getting on fine. After they go inside my mate tells me he wants to bounce.

We drive by a few places but they all look dead. He decides to call it a night and I tell him to drop me back at "Ye Rustic". I walk back to the booth and the guys have joined the girls at their table. They see me and wave me over. We all start talking and as lastcall comes the three of us exit together.

I see one whisper in the others ear then they both nod and look at me. "You want to come back to our place?" they ask me. "Sure sounds like fun." I reply. They drive me and we make a stop for smokes.

Get to their place and we start drinking. One of the girls brings out weed and proceeds to smoke it. I starts to wonder where this is going. I'm sorta getting vibes off of one of them, then she tells me she has a boyfriend.

Soon after she goes to bed leaving me alone with the second one. Ten minuets later the second one turns in. She just tells me she's tired and good night. Neither one asked me to leave and I'm left alone in their living room.

I live about 5 blocks from their apartment so I scribed down my number, put it on their fridge and walked home.

Journal Journal: Laptop Saga continued 7

I met up with my friend from the apple store today. I wanted to wait till after the keynote speech just in case they brought out new Powerbooks along with the G5 iMacs we all knew were comming. I got to play with one today they look pretty sick. ;-)

According to my friend he can get 10% off of anything in the store exept for major hardware (systems and ipods). Those he has to order from the apple employee webstore. It works almost like the student webstore. Though the prices are better and the selections are fewer. You also can't customize them at all.

I had a chose between a 1Ghz 15" and a 1.5Ghz 17". Now normaly I'd prefer the 15" as the 17" seems a tad big but I really wanted the 1.5Ghz and a superdrive, so I went with the 17".

I saved ~$600 on it, it's the biggest and badiest, and I just can't wait till it arives. :-)

Journal Journal: Laptop saga 5

A few months ago my laptop got stolen. I'd rather not get into the details other than I was really stupid and sorta had it comming. Lesson learned, and I could use the break from hacking anyway.

Shortly after my laptop got snached I made friends with a dude that works at an apple store. He told me he could get me discounts if I were ever to want to replace it. I applied for an apple lone twice and got denied both times. They said they'd send me a reason within five days but I never got anything.

My bank send me a preaproved aplication for a credit card. I expected to get the standard ~1k they give a new account. When I got the card however I found it had a 6K max. I'm thinking I should pay my new friend a visit.

If all goes well you'll be hearing a lot more from me.

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