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Lower Merion School's Report Says IT Dept. Did It, But Didn't Inhale 232

PSandusky writes "A report issued by the Lower Merion School District's chosen law firm blames the district's IT department for the laptop webcam spying scandal. In particular, the report mentions lax IT policies and record-keeping as major problems that enabled the spying. Despite thousands of e-mails and images to the contrary, the report also maintains that no proof exists that anyone in IT viewed images captured by the webcams."

New Linux Petabyte-Scale Distributed File System 132

An anonymous reader writes "A recent addition to Linux's impressive selection of file systems is Ceph, a distributed file system that incorporates replication and fault tolerance while maintaining POSIX compatibility. Explore the architecture of Ceph and learn how it provides fault tolerance and simplifies the management of massive amounts of data."

Comment Take a look at KEEP... (Score 1) 81

KEEP (Keeping Emulation Environments Portable) will develop an Emulation Access Platform to enable accurate rendering of both static and dynamic digital objects: text, sound, and image files; multimedia documents, websites, databases, videogames etc. It's a project supported by the EU and several National Archives across Europe.

Emulation (Games)

Emulation For Preservation of Digital Artifacts 81

An anonymous reader writes "Author Salman Rushdie donated his papers and notes to Emory University a while ago. Not surprisingly, many of Rushdie's original notes, drafts, and correspondence existed in electronic form. Rather than printing them out or converting them to other formats, archivists at the university created an emulated image of Rushdie's old computer, complete with old software. Researchers visiting the archive can read his email in Eudora and his Stickies notes, or read drafts of his books in ClarisWorks. When you leave your legacy to future generations, would you like a virtualized copy of your personal system to be included?"

Submission + - Adobe evangelist: 'Go screw yourself Apple' (itpro.co.uk)

nk497 writes: An Adobe employee has slammed Apple for banning Flash from its products, telling the company in a blog post: "Go screw yourself." Lee Brimelow called Apple "tyrannical" and accused it of "wanting to use developers as pawns in their crusade against Adobe." He said he would never buy another Apple product again, as it was like shopping at a place where the staff tend to spit in your face.

Comment How about humans... (Score 1) 133

do they autonomous control them too? No doubt that those cars can navigate their way to China the technology exists and this is a nice proof of concept. But human behavior especially on the road is not very rational. You need a lot of AI to interpret such behavior in a way to avoid all kind of trouble and sounds like a real quest to me.


64-Bit Flash Player For Linux Finally In Alpha 172

Luchio writes "Finally, a little bit of respect from Adobe with this alpha release of the Adobe Flash Player 10 that was made available for all Linux 64-bit enthusiasts! As noted, 'this is a prerelease version,' so handle with care. Just remove any existing Flash player and extract the new .so file in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins (or /usr/lib/opera/plugins)."

Comment It's only annoying legitimate users... (Score 1) 819

because those who know to get hold of a working illegal copy of Windows 7 will soon find another crack to avoid WAT. But I can tell that whenever my paid Windows 7 is downgraded by a false positive I will remove it from my computer for ever. And because it is running in a virtual machine it is just "rm win7.vmdk".

Comment Re:Don't get it (Score 2, Insightful) 5

Maybe because, as an autistic, my morality is rather pragmatic- John Paul II's Theology of the Body makes sense to me precisely *because* it fits in with evolution and survival of the species. Respect for human life between conception and natural death also fits in strongly with the liberal neurodiversity side of things; a mutation that might be seen as negative in one light (like sickle cell anemia and the lessened ability to process and use oxygen) can be positive in another light (immunity to malaria); and at first glance we human beings just don't have the intelligence to know the difference.

If, as theistic Intelligent Designers claim, God created evolution and it's his method of engineering, then reducing the genetic diversity of the species is indeed taking the power of life and death, the central power of evolution, out of the hands of God and giving it to man. And based on our inability to know long term good from evil with mutations that are normal to the human species, yes, that becomes a moral argument.

Comment Re:They may have won in the courts.... (Score 1) 307

You're missing the forest for the trees. Mac OS never asks for validation at any stage of installation besides every time it verifies that you've got 100% Apple Certified Hardware. Just put your disc in, install, and every time you reboot it will verify that you have apple certified hardware.

There. Fixed that for you.

Comment It's about time! (Score 2, Insightful) 160

Not that I trust my government but at least they are my government. It's obvious that the EU does not really care about data from European citizens going to the US but our international firms do. And further it's quite simple: not one bankrecord from the US went to Europe while all bankrecords from Europe went to the US. And that has to get even now.


Dying Man Shares Unseen Challenger Video 266

longacre writes "An amateur video of the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion has been made public for the first time. The Florida man who filmed it from his front yard on his new Betamax camcorder turned the tape over to an educational organization a week before he died this past December. The Space Exploration Archive has since published the video into the public domain in time for the 24th anniversary of the catastrophe. Despite being shot from about 70 miles from Cape Canaveral, the shuttle and the explosion can be seen quite clearly. It is unclear why he never shared the footage with NASA or the media. NASA officials say they were not aware of the video, but are interested in examining it now that it has been made available."

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