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Submission + - Buy CO2 quotas here - and buy back the climate

eddd writes: Everybody seem to be trying to save the world in different ways these days, and now private persons have the chance to buy CO2 quotas online. The web site is a kind of novel idea. For 14 euro (app. $18) you buy a ton of CO2 which is taken off the market, thus ensuring less emission to the athmosphere. Sure, it's all about transferring money from your pocket to "the cause", but this should appeal to the geek in you. If nothing else, you get a nice diploma as proof of ownership.

Submission + - Researchers claim GM corn is dangerous for humans

miahfost writes: "Gene-modified corn MON 863 which has recently been approved for the European market should immediately be forbidden claims the French research group CRII-GEN, who recently completed the only independent analysis of Monsanto's test data for the corn. MON 863, designed to produce a pesticide through gene manipulation, when fed to female rats increased the levels of sugar and fat in their bloodstream. The GM corn also increased the size and weight of the liver as well as impaired kidney function. In male rats the liver shrunk. Note that toxic substances often affect the different sexes differently though the study was too short to identify specific illness that the GM corn was causing, however detoxification organs were clearly being affected. Here is the report in French CRII-GEN report. Here is an article in Swedish: SvD article."

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