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Comment Re:Not comcast (Score 1) 235

This. My best friend worked as an installer for Comcast for somewhere between 5 and 6 years. He is a smart guy, but more importantly he is always ready to learn more (and had no problem with getting his hand dirty). If some new piece of tech came down the line he was always the first guy to rush and learn more about it.

His co-workers were like everywhere else, they ranged from eager to learn and to more to eager to get a check and go home. Underestimate no one.

Comment Re:Still and idiot (Score 2) 576

In the end, they did the right thing by losing Ocean Marketing, I'd imagine if they (very publicly) gave away a number of units to their indented customers (disabled gamers), they could walk away from this fiasco being THE brand in their field. Now I know there is a company called N-Control when I think about what controller adapter to get for someone with a disability. If they can keep the goodwill they have a market cornered. I'd call that a net positive.

Comment Nothing new here. (Score 1) 562

In the 90s Bell South charged us to go to their office and pay a bill. Pretty sure they also charged you if you paid by check (processing), by phone, hell, they probably had a charge if you paid them by direct deposit and Western Union.

This is just how they operate. You only get so many customers and share holders get antsy because of that, so you invent new charges.

This is also why they publicly balk at the idea of new taxes, but don't shed a tear when they get to tack on two new charges with that tax (gotta charge them for collecting the tax and charge them for handing it over). It is all a game.

Comment Re:Blender & Unity are a great starting point! (Score 1) 237

Probably this. Blender itself has a steep learning curve, but BGE (Blender Game Engine) is pretty easy when it comes to setting up in-game logic. The real downside is that it is kinda, well, painfully slow, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck (in this case effort you put into it).

You can even get a very, very rudimentary FPS up and running in a half-hour.

Comment Re:SOPA is sponsored with your money (Score 1) 345

It isn't necessary that you or I rush out and get the latest Lady Gaga. What is necessary are licensing agreements. Who needs us when you can license a single song to Coke? In the mean time the recording industry can play boogey man guaranteeing themselves a nice spot as the middle man in such agreements.

Comment Re:Bad statistics (Score 1) 808

This. It is comparing facebook posts to blogs.

It is easy to hit the "fork" button on GitHub and add a read me. And what license are we going to use for this billion dollar idea we have, that we'll probably never get around to? We'll use MIT!

Not that there is anything wrong with that, but damn there are a ton of them.

Comment Re:Not all religions are bad (Score 1) 910

I don't think Dinosaur bones are any high power's idea of a good faith test. I also have neither seen any Carolina Parakeets in a while nor do I think Hubble has been lying to us all of these years (so we have seen natural selection in action and the world is older than a few thousand years).

I also have no qualms with faith. There are plenty of answer we don't have and if some have found solace in the answers that faith offers, I don't have a problem so long as they don't use it as an excuse to do as they please.

Dominionism takes that last part, "over every living thing that moveth upon the earth" and applies it to man as well as anything else that swims or craws or walks or flies on the land, in the ground, sea or in the air. It says that taking over your government and installing laws that force others to follow the guidelines of your faith is totally A-OK and approved by God.

From my view that flies in the face not only of what is right, moral, ethical and just, but flies in the face of faith itself. If I can't choose what I'm believing then it isn't faith, but avoiding imprisonment.

Comment Re:Not all religions are bad (Score 5, Informative) 910

I think it is nice that you brought up Dominionism*. Is is a movement that Christians as a whole are either willfully ignorant of or manipulated to the point that they are forced to agree, with the stakes being their own souls. Not looking this movement in the eye is modern American Christendom's single greatest failure; they allowed fascists to sneak in and pervert their highest ideals.

*For those not familiar with it, Dominionism, it is derived from a passage in Genesis: "and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."

There is even a Dominion Church that actively advocates, very literally, world domination. Yes, the Evil Genius world domination. Many of these churches require that you walk through their book store before entering and exiting the sanctuary (at least in the two I have been in), making it the "Cracker Barrel Restaurant and Old Country Store" of Christendom. They even ask business owners to join their Dominion Business Network. In a couple US cities you'll find yourself driving past a Dominion Carwash, Dominion Title Loan and Dominion Fried Chicken, all business network members who are obligated to send non-taxable donations for inclusion in the Business Network Directory (I'd love to know if it also covers any licensing fees for use of the Dominion name).

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