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Comment Democracy (Score 1) 866

The real problem is that uneducated people get to vote too, but they might not understand the pros and cons of what they are voting for. A good, well rounded, basic education is required for a democracy to be successful in the long term. This certainly should include some mandatory science classes.

Comment Re:When will people learn... (Score 1) 611

I absolutely agree. Things that are part of one language might be in another's standard library. The bottom line is that the computer hardware is still the real deal and everything else is just trying to make the programmer better at solving whatever is the problem being worked on. After 40 years of programming in lots of languages and lots of OSs and lots of hardware ranging from kilobytes to megabytes to gigabytes of RAM, it still comes down to "ALGORITHMS + DATA STRUCTURES = PROGRAMS". The only thing I'd add is that with multiple CPUs and clusters of machines it is now "ALGORITHMS + DATA STRUCTURES + SYNCHRONIZATION = PROGRAMS".


Comment You've got to be kidding (Score 1) 671

I'm starting a new job soon ... That being said, I am not the kind of person who can just 'not browse the internet.'

Dude, the idea isn't to get around the security. It is their laptop. Don't mess with it. Booting a USB drive and using that seems fine, but don't mess with their original installation. If you don't like their rules, find a different new job.

Don't assume, ask permission first. You might be surprised.

If you want to do something totally not approved, get your own laptop.

Comment Re:Bought or just acquired? (Score 2) 298

Just a quick post to recommend that you read the Herodotus. It really isn't that long a read, and although parts of it are boring other parts were quite interesting. My copy sat for a decade or so before I finally got around to actually reading it. My favorite section is the following:

"This discovery was first made by Necos, the Egyptian king,
who on desisting from the canal which he had begun between the Nile
and the Arabian gulf, sent to sea a number of ships manned by Phoenicians,
with orders to make for the Pillars of Hercules, and return to Egypt
through them, and by the Mediterranean. The Phoenicians took their
departure from Egypt by way of the Erythraean sea, and so sailed into
the southern ocean. When autumn came, they went ashore, wherever they
might happen to be, and having sown a tract of land with corn, waited
until the grain was fit to cut. Having reaped it, they again set sail;
and thus it came to pass that two whole years went by, and it was
not till the third year that they doubled the Pillars of Hercules,
and made good their voyage home. On their return, they declared- I
for my part do not believe them, but perhaps others may- that in sailing
round Libya they had the sun upon their right hand. "

These folks circumnavigated Africa about two thousand years before the Portuguese did it! And the proof is that they were in fact south of the equator!

Comment Re:Occam's Razor (Score 1) 392

I think it is the "originally" that is the point. Hypercard was an interesting prototyping tool. It was both really powerful and really limited, but was especially nice for trying things out quickly. I remember attending a MacHack where Danny Goodman was the presenter on a new thing called Hypercard. He was so enthusiastic it was easy to get excited, but the reality was a little less. We played with it some at work but mostly stuck with C or Pascal for things that mattered.

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