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Comment RTFM (Score 4, Interesting) 79

The goal is to "engineer software-based radios that transmit data faster than a competitor using identical hardware".

The goal isn't to develop fancy new hardware, or to use an overwhelming amount of power. The goal is to develop fancy new software.

With frequency-hopping and time-hopping techniques, if you can intelligently adapt to the local interference, and transmit in the time and frequency gaps where the interference doesn't occur, then you can transmit more data for the same amount of power. That's the goal.

Comment extracting keys from RAM (Score 4, Informative) 268

This tool extracts the keys from RAM dumps. There are free tools that do this too, of course.

But isn't it difficult to get a RAM dump, you say? Not really:

  • Hibernating a computer writes this data to disk. Starting in Windows 8, "shutdown" actually writes some hibernate data by default.
  • VMs also have their own suspend functionality that does a RAM dump, as well as non-SAN VM migration.
  • Firewire ports actually allow devices to scan RAM of the machine they're connected to.
  • Obviously, if you have access to a live machine, you can get the keys directly from RAM.

How Noah Kagan Got Fired From Facebook and Lost $100 Million 236

First time accepted submitter abhi2012 writes "Noah Kagan, a former Facebook product manager, has written a brutally honest article about how and why he got fired from Facebook in 2006 and what he learned from it. The experience must be particularly painful, given that it eventually cost Kagan a $100 million fortune."

Comment Re:Location is the least of your problems (Score 3, Informative) 77

Wrong, wrong. A default password means you ARE vulnerable. It's such a problem that ISPs are willing to do questionable things to fix it.

(it's a slight variant of your #2, though "compromising" in this case doesn't mean a full compromise, it means mildly abusing the DNS spec to work around XSS restrictions)

Comment Re:My take (Score 1) 388

If you're at all intellectually honest, you'll have to admit that there's a rather substantial difference between HIV/AIDS and religion.

Only a matter of degree. Compare it to the common cold instead. For most people, it drains their energy that could be used elsewhere, but they otherwise live fine. In its most virulent form, it does kill a few people (inter-religious violence, anti-medicine beliefs, etc).

Comment Re:Sounds familiar. (Score 5, Informative) 571

And if the cops ask you to delete photos, play along, because recovering the deleted photographs is trivial compared to what can happen when arguing with a cop.

After the cop leaves, swap out the memory card for another. Make sure you set the card aside and don't take any more pictures on it, because taking new pictures could potentially overwrite some of the deleted data. When you get home, download and run PhotoRec (it's GPL/open source, available on multiple platforms, and runs almost without regard to what the underlying filesystem is).

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 1186

Tattoos are (nearly) eternal, so you you want to choose a tattoo that will keep its meaning and significance for a long time. Physics equations are ideal because, not only are they unlikely to change, but they've been in effect long before they were discovered by humans. They're older than diamonds -- something else that people like to adorn themselves with because they're important and "timeless".

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