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Comment Re:Declared underweight? (Score 2) 361

7000 containers sounds like a real lot, until you put it into perspective. 10,000 containers get washed overboard annually. Each and every year. And very obviously nobody gives half a shit about it. Losing those 10,000 containers each and every year is apparently still much cheaper than working out something to keep them from going under.

7,000 more is just, well, more cost of operation. That it costed a container ship is unfortunate. For the shipping carrier, that is, but I doubt anyone of those owning the contents of the containers really cares.

Submission + - Good low latency PS2/USB gaming keyboards?

An anonymous reader writes: I've a cheap but low latency mouse (A4Tech) and I noticed my trusty old wired Logitech PS/2 keyboard seems at least 50ms slower (if not more) than the mouse when I test with those reaction time sites e.g.

I even increased finger travel distance over my mouse button to make it fairer and the difference still remains. So either the tests are slower with keyboards or my keyboard is high latency. Assuming the latter any suggestions for a good reasonably priced gaming keyboard? Extra function keys might be nice but since my hands aren't big what would be better is being able to output a custom key/combo if you hold down (special?)keys while pressing another key. For example I could configure it so if I hold down "Special Key 1" with pinkie or thumb and press 4 it actually outputs 9, and if I hold down shift as well it outputs shift+9 (and not just 9).

Being able to replace the capslock key function and have it behave as another key (or a special modifier) would be a bonus — I've never needed capslock and have probably used it more by mistake than for its normal function, or to test how badly a PC has hung.

Comment Re:About your Thesis... (Score 2) 240

The problem is, what could they have pushed in 7 that would have made it a success in the office market? Even in 2004 it would have sunk.

XP is, has and offers everything the office environment wants. Does printers out of the box, does networking out of the box, does WiFi out of the box, does USB out of the box... What does 7 offer more than XP? Aside of graphic gimmicks the average CFO brushes aside before you're done saying "graphics gimmicks"?

The main changes with 7 are not where the average user would see them.
Sales drone: Umm... there are improvements in security and a few things are done easier now.
CFO: Ok, for both things I have an IT department, they should do some work for their dough. Next?
Sales drone: Umm... well, graphics gimmi ...

Another thing that broke 7s neck was the browser. Yes, IE. There are various sites, various very expensively done sites, mostly internal sites, that rely on "features" (read: bugs) of older IE versions which invariably breaks them with newer IE versions. Want to use IE6 with Win7? Weeeeeelllllll... technically it is possible. But MS made it about as hard as it can possibly get to work out a way. Now, why should the average company that has such an expensive and hardly portable cludge running move to an OS that not only costs them money, but also costs them manweeks if not -months to bring it up to compatibility again?

And I say it again, without ANY reasonable benefit to them.

tl;dr version: XP was too good. It's all any normal office will need until some new and must-have hardware comes along.

Comment Re:Bromma has a solution (Score 1) 361

It's the ship's master that needs the info. Loading a container ship is complicated. There's a stability calculation that has to be performed for large container ships, and software to do it. A loading plan has to be created. You don't want the empties on the bottom, or all on one side, or all at the ends. Stability has to be maintained during loading and unloading. Here's a Maersk ship which capsized at the dock while being loaded.

Submission + - Orson Scott Card's Views on Gay Marriage Fuel "Ender's Game" Movie Boycott

circletimessquare writes: The New York Times has the story:

Mr. Card was issuing a public plea for tolerance of his views — “with the recent Supreme Court ruling, the gay marriage issue becomes moot,” he noted in a statement to the Entertainment Weekly Web site — in response to a planned boycott that had burst into prominence only the day before, when The Huffington Post published an article about a Web site called

Comment Did he TRY Windows 8? (Score 1) 240

If he didn't try it, but relied on underlings telling him that it was good, then shame on him.

If he tried it, realized how bad it was, but let it go out anyway because usability was less important than some other agenda--forcing developers into writing apps that would work on Windows Phone 8, maybe--then shame on him.

If he tried it and he thought it was good, then shame on him.

Comment Bromma has a solution (Score 4, Interesting) 361

Bromma, which makes the "spreaders" which grab containers at 97 of the top 100 ports, now offers a solution. Their newer spreaders weigh the container as it's being lifted on to or off of the ship. Accuracy is within 1%. The container crane knows where the container is being placed on the ship, so weight and balance information for the whole ship is collected.

It's being installed in Los Angeles now, London next, and can be retrofitted to existing Bromma spreaders. So there's a technical fix to this almost in place.

Operating Systems

Linux 3.11 Features Fall Into Place With Merge Window 70

hypnosec writes "The Linux 3.11 merge window is about to close, most probably this Sunday, and most of the pull requests have been merged, including feature additions and improvements to disk & file system, CPU, graphics and other hardware. Some notable merges are: LZ4 compression; Zswap for compressed swap caching; inclusion of a Lustre file-system client for the first time; Dynamic Power Management (DPM) support for R600 GPUs; KVM and Xen virtualization on 64-bit hardware (AArch64); and a new DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) driver for the Renesas R-Car SoC."

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