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Comment Re:Bad omen? (Score 1) 303

There was a .exe - I can't remember what that rebooted a Windows box with no warning. We were trying to educate people about not clicking attachments blindly (this was around the Melissa/Iloveyou time), so I renamed it to do-not-run-this.exe or something equally similar, attached it to an email, wrote in the email NOT to run it, and sent it to the company (about 70 people).

I did a similar thing a few years ago, though the program did nothing at all other than add their name to a text file that I then sent to the directors (they had asked me to see how many people would do this) - I even left one of the directors names in there as well, and he knew it was going to happen.

Comment Re:This has always been one of my gripes (Score 1) 182

When I did my CompSci degree last century we did this.

Groups of 4 students, design screens and inputs for a business application in COBOL.
After designed, swap with another group and begin implementing to their design specs.
After a few weeks work, we had to swap with another group and take over (and finish) a half completed project.

At the end of the subject we had to write about our code, experiences taking over another group's work, and the group dynamics.

It was daunting, but I well remember the lessons gained - of need for good design specs & useful comments.

Comment Re:What???? (Score 1) 361

After sampling each one, their customs officer will tell you which ones are illegal.

They are welcome to my epilepsy medication but I don't think they will enjoy not being able to stand up for the next twelve hours.

Likewise with the eyedrops that I have to deal with my cataracts then they won't be going outside (or looking at any bright things) either.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 1123

While I don't assume to know the answers to your statements, I've heard that the story as seen in Genesis could be explained as what you might observe if you would be floating over the surface of the Earth while all of the creation things were happening around you (like you could see in a vision, as God was showing a bewildered Moses who probably was overwhelmed what had already happened)

Roughly: as the earth cooled and the light of the young sun lit up the new earth that was merrily spinning around the sun, when the skies cleared you might notice that there was a surface (probably molten) and sky, eventually the seas formed and the ground hardened, the skies were overcast so you couldn't see out just yet, Plants would slowly come to cover this young earth, with different types appearing over the years. and as the sky cleared (due to changing atmosphere from all the plants) and you would see the sun, moon and stars clearly then as well.
Gradually fish-like creatures would emerge, some slowly pull themselves out of the waters. Some would fly some would creep upon the earth, and a few of them would eventually walk upright and slowly make the long ascent to mankind.

This is the method that I personally use to explain old-earth creation and even evolution, and still it leave room for there to be a God that has taken a special interest in this planet and nurtured and encouraged it's peoples along the way.

Comment Re:The basic problem with certification programs.. (Score 1) 257


I met another guy who got his degree from one of these supposed technical schools and didn't know how to navigate any of the basic tools in win (traceroute, ping, nbtstat, etc) let alone *nix, but thinks he's the king of networking.


We had one guy start with us to do some industry volunteer work - just troubleshooting simple problems.

He was studying a computer networks course and was 6 months into that.

I had to show him how to get to a DOS prompt in Windows XP... Then he asked me what ping did?

He apparently later decided that computers weren't for him.

Comment Re:A bit late now (Score 1) 122

Why are these "x day" stories only widely reported on the day itself, when it's too late to take part?

For once there's a day dedicated to doing something so easy that even I might have bothered making the effort, yet now I'm denied that opportunity for another 364 days.

Why are these stories published the day after it has actually happened for us who live near the date line?

It's already tomorrow for us over here.

Maybe we could have an events section to give us a heads-up on what's coming soon.

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