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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 848

Likewise Angry Birds is was at 42 million in 2010, with new ports still coming.

In addition, there is no way to sell bundles, no way to split profits between multiple developers and charities, no way to allow people to pay what they want, no way to bundle soundtracks and source code as bonuses, no way to provide gifting options, no way to provide app availability across mutliple platforms.. I could go on. Everything that makes buying a Humble Bundle different from just buying a game in the app store would have to be eliminated to fit it into an app store.

I have no idea really, but I suspect that Apple might want to talk if someone contacted with them with a possible million sales, then perhaps the profit shares and other downloads might suddenly become possible.

Comment Re:High Average (Score 2) 96

I'm amazed at the high average donation this time around. IIRC the last few Humble Bundles I bought into had an average of around $2. At the time of writing the average on this bundle is $3.98. I guess these games offer pretty good value.

The higher average price might also be - if you pay more then the (at payment time) average price paid then you get another two games (and so then the average goes up slightly)

The average now is $4.06

Comment Re:GO GOOGLE! (Score 1) 584

... In fact, I think metamoderation is a great solution to this, or provides a great tool for it.

First, from your own allegations, I think any old posts receiving moderation should get a higher priority for metamod and should get in front of more eyeballs.

Second, it would be great to make sure that each moderated article gets its unique moderation points evaluated multiple times, and higher priority with the greater number of mods (so someone slamming your post with 50 downvotes would quickly cause it to be metamodded).


Just had a thought that might help but I can't think through the possibilities.

How about making moderations expire over time, similar to how mod points expire over time.
Maybe the longer you've been a member the more permanent your mods are.
It could make trendy things not so important, but good facts should always be good.

Comment Re:so let me get this straight... (Score 1) 748

Um, if their OS were secure, why would they need antivirus software?

My house has security screens and deadbolt doors. I guess that means I don't need a guard dog or a gun, then ?

My house has 'fly' screens and standard door locks, but they were here when I moved in.
It doesn't have a guard dog or a gun.

Maybe you need to live in a more secure operating environment/country.


Submission + - iPhone catches fire on plane (abc.net.au)

An anonymous reader writes: The ABC is reporting that an iPhone " started glowing red and emitted smoke on a flight from Lismore to Sydney last Friday"

Comment Re:I used to work in IT and.... (Score 1) 960

I have always got on well with the other staff at the few places that I have worked.

I would prefer to visit people at their desk rather then talk over the phone.
Eat in the lunch room - nearly everyone goes there.
Introduce yourself to the new staff, and remember their name, even the cleaners.
On slow days grab a cup of tea/coffee and wander the office, check-in on the people that you don't see much and ensure that people can see that you will talk to them.
When you get invites to go down to the pub after work, go occasionally even if you don't drink.

I don't have great social skills and am very much an introvert, but I make an effort and most people appreciate that.

When people see you as a regular person then they will have a nicer attitude towards you.

Comment Re:TOS, EULA (Score 1) 536

and otherwise use the Submission in any and all media, now known or hereafter
devised, throughout the universe, in perpetuity
, without according you any compensation. Salon will generally attribute Submissions to their authors, but you understand and agree that it is not obligated to do so, and you release and waive any right to have Submissions attributed to you. You also understand and agree that Salon has no obligation to publish or use any Submission in any way, and that Salon may remove or revised any Submission that has been posted, published, or distributed on or through the Site in its sole discretion.

What are they going to add when we finally get time travel working and can go back in time?

Comment Re:Moderation system (Score 1) 763

The problem as I see it with using an automated spellchecker is that Slashdot is a place where many stories are likely to include references to obscure terms and acronyms that may not be in the standard (or even an incredibly extensive) dictionary. You're pretty much limited to either no filtering, or having a human looking at each story to sanity check the spellcheckers work, and at that point you might as well just do full out editing.

Perhaps then a spell checker like the one that Google uses when you spell check an email in Gmail. One that highlights words with possible errors and give a few options, it is easy to quickly look over and do a quick check. Even some browsers highlight words these days (though Firefox doesn't seem to know 'Gmail'). You could include it in the Preview screen that we have to go through to post a comment.

It should also check for company names and products, eg Microsoft and iPhone.
Maybe have an option so people could add new words or at least understand non-US English spellings.

Comment Re:Detachable screen + keyboard (Score 1) 262

Give me a screen that can be mounted, placed, or moved up high so I don't have to bend my neck looking downwards at the screen.
Oh, and the keyboard should be detachable, so it can be placed at the proper height for a keyboard (a few inches below normal desk height).
And a real mouse, also at keyboard level, not desk level.
And the screen should either be portrait, or it should be huge.
I think after I'm done, I'd end up with a desktop.

If you still want portability you should get a docking station for you laptop. then you can plug everything into that for when you need to work.
I've got a wireless KB, Mouse, Monitor, network and audio all connected through mine, and can unplug the laptop by pressing a button.

I don't think that mine can deal with multiple monitors, but it is about 5 years old (and so is the laptop)

Comment Re:Pentium Pro? (Score 1) 422

I remember entering a 1/2 page BASIC program that was an Assemble language loader from Australia Amstrad User. (late 80's I guess)

Spent about an hour or two typing everything in and verifying everything was right before running it.


screen clears
in small letters up the top of the screen is now written

The worst part was that I was fairly good at Z80 assembler, and still didn't twig as to what the program was going to do :-(

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