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Comment Jasper Maskelyne, hero of WWII (Score 1) 147

And that's where we have to leave it. One way or another, Jasper Maskelyne was a fascinating man, and there is no question he helped the war effort. But the real details have been blurred by secrecy, lost documents, exaggerated war stories and the fact that time has killed off almost everyone who would know for certain.

But we admit: We want to believe it's all true. The idea that one man and his gang of rogue theater rats tricked the Nazis through Bugs Bunny-style tomfoolery? Who doesn't want to believe that?

Comment Re:So, when did subscriptions become traditional? (Score 1) 389

I've been playing (or, rather waiting in fucking queues) since last thursday, and yes, it's quite a lot like WoW. The colors on items are the same, at least the first 10 levels of soloing are the same.


The NPC interactions are a lot more fun, quite Mass Effect-like. I don't know if there's a rep system yet as you only get dark/light side interaction points, but this would play particularly nicely into a faction rep system as well. Plus, you could have light/dark faction issues, where if you're light-side and walk into a dark-side bar you are immediately gonna have issues..

This game is basically KOTOR: the MMO, which is what a lot of people (including myself) have wanted for quite awhile.

Now all they have to do is FIX THE FUCKING QUEUES and/or have free toon transfers from higher pop to lower pop, until things have calmed down and they've fully geared up.

Comment Re:Hard part still remains (Score 2) 162

Turbo EGTs can run 800+C regularly underhood, and presumably having some sort of insulated molten salt to retain heat would be helpful for reducing load on the battery and improving startup times.. The engineering to have those temps in automotive applications has been done (though the molten salt probably hasn't), and with a large enough battery pack, it shouldn't be a huge issue getting, say, a 20x20cm fuel cell core to fit in the space of, say, a transverse V6..

Comment If they can keep the conversion efficiency up.. (Score 1) 162

.. then why bother with the weight and complexity of an ICE at all?

I get about 390-410WH/mi in my Volt, which (assuming 33KW/gallon) is about 80MPG. That's actually a bit lower "mileage" than I could get, but I have a bit of a heavy foot. Assuming an 80% efficiency in the fuel cell, that'd be 64MPG, roughly double the mileage of a comparably-sized and -equipped car.

(and yes, I'm an early adopter, it beats smoking crack.. Barely..)

Comment Depends on the idea (Score 1) 368

There's plenty of ideas out there, but most of the good ones are ones that they NYTimes politburo disagrees with and ignores.. All of the 'great' State-embiggening social program ideas were already had, tried, and proved failures for the most part..

As far as tech goes, plenty of ideas still get funded, and some of them are even good!

Comment 5.0 is garbage because of DTMF (Score 1) 250

I reverted from 5.0 to 2.8 because 5.0's DTMF implementation is horribly fucking broken and shitty. It fails consistently if somewhat randomly (that is, I can't predict _when_ in a call it will be broken, but I can predict that it _will_ be broken), and they fall back on some sort of dopey standards excuse. Alls I knows is, before the upgrade DTMF worked with any voicemail/conferencing/phonetree system I dialed with 2.8 but failed almost always at some point using 5.0. They need to digitize a PCM sample of all DTMF tones around the world and produce them for as long as you press the number key, with the appropriate tone for the appropriate country (if there's any local variations) given the phone #.

Also, while 2.8 would choke on phone #s without leading country codes (it would say that my unlimited US/Canada plan was not eligible to dial a 10-digit US number, retardation) and 5.0 seemed to handle it better, the 5.0 interface is AWFUL, and it doesn't let you put phone #s in the 'contact' text entry bar, you have to call up the dialpad.

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