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Comment Net neutrality != permitting abuse (Score 1) 555

Net neutrality means that content is freely available to all. It does not mean that an ISP has to provide the same services to all of it's users. At best it means that everyone has the opportunity to purchase or lease said services without bias or prejudice.

I don't see Google as having shifted their stance at all. They're merely talking from a different viewpoint on the issue, and just so happen to agree with pretty much every other ISP on the planet: if you want to run servers, you pay for business class services.

Comment Users with a functioning brain cell trouble Zynga (Score 4, Insightful) 52

Zynga's market share is declining not because of the competition from other game vendors, but because people are waking up to the fact that Zynga really only has three games under a bazillion brand names: the click and grind "adventure" that gives you little leeway to change the game's outcome; the farming game; and gambling games.

Zynga has never invented anything unique. They've just relied on their special arrangements with Facebook to get a leg up, and now that those special arrangements are coming to an end, they're finding they've wasted their time on same-old-same-old that no one wants to bother with anymore instead of actually innovating by developing and deploying new game concepts.

People get bored with click-and-grind once they realize they can't "win" unless there is something else about the game to keep their attention, like a real RPG offers with it's character development and choices along the way. Zynga offers you little to no such choices.

Comment Re:Bigger Issue (Score 1) 228

Whether that's true is entirely in the mind of the developer or project lead who initiates a project.

I've no interest in saving anyone from reinventing the wheel with my work. I just want to share what I've spent many years working on, hopefully see it used, and ensure that any enhancements/changes to it are published instead of being held in a proprietary state.

I don't believe what I've worked on all these years is any way related to a common wheel. It's not quite like anything else I've seen elsewhere, though others have used different techniques to achieve similar results.

Comment Ignorance of the code (Score 1) 228

Being ignorant about what the code you're building a product from is no one's fault but the vendor's. I agree 100% with the ruling.

Too many people like to try to play the "I didn't know" card. You're responsible for knowing what you're distributing, especially when you're charging for a product.

I recently worked for a company that had to completely rework a piece of their product line because one developer decided he liked a GPL'd library better than a more-free-for-commercial-use library. It cost them a good three months of development time to rewrite the code with the rejected library.

The developer in question thought free is free; he never read the details of the license, nor asked any of his coworkers about licensing issues. He wasn't fired or anything, but he was reprimanded.

Comment Re:Option 5 (Score 1) 358

The key point is cultivated citrus. That isn't to say there aren't wild species and strains which have developed an immunity to the problem. But without investigating those wild species, we're doomed to the naval gazing failure of thinking that which we grow commercially is the only thing that matters for breeding.

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