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Comment Re:Option 5 (Score 1) 358

The key point is cultivated citrus. That isn't to say there aren't wild species and strains which have developed an immunity to the problem. But without investigating those wild species, we're doomed to the naval gazing failure of thinking that which we grow commercially is the only thing that matters for breeding.

Comment Re:For how long...? (Score 1) 106

"Real" newspapers don't exist already.

So called "news" papers nowadays are 50% "editorial opinion" (i.e. made up bullshit), 25% advertising, 20% "human interest" (i.e. celebrity gossip), and 5% left over for actual content worth reading. The online versions are no better.

"Real" news is dead in North America.

Comment Re:Windows NT 3.51 (Score 1) 213

Start up Visual Studio. Enable a breakpoint in C/C++.

Insert a CD and start playing it.

Run your program and wait to hit the breakpoint.

Now wait until the CD player skips to the next track.

Guaranteed blue screen.

Comment Because they'll lock him up in Guantanamo (Score 4, Insightful) 616

The US administration enabled laws to allow holding people indefinitely without trial.

Congress and the Senate have made it clear that they don't care about the facts of the case: Snowden is guilty in their eyes.

Snowden would be a fool to leave Russia for some small country. Russia has nukes that will make the US think twice before pulling a "Bin Laden" on him.

Comment Re:Doesn't it go further back? (Score 1) 213

The NT kernel was based on VMS in it's core design, which is what matters, not the APIs. VMS APIs were based on FORTRAN interfaces, while NTs were not, so of course they're not "compatible."

The key feature that I remember from my operating system class is that instead of semaphores, NT/VMS were based on the concept of "critical code sections" -- a completely different approach for implementing the locking needed for parallel code.

Comment It was originally a pretty good design (Score 5, Interesting) 213

Originally it was a pretty good design, based on the concepts implemented by DEC's VMS system. It only got butchered later by people who didn't know their stuff as well as the original engineers.

Warts and all, Windows owes it's lineage to VMS and the once mighty DEC.

I've heard there are still places running VMS-based hardware.

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