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Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 4, Interesting) 584

"Also, don't you find it ironic that OWS is so heavily staffed by children of privilege like those two?"

No. The investment banker takedown of our economy put lots and lots of middle to upper middle class people out of work. Besides, what is your point? That children of privilege should not care about the country? Or that children of privilege are trying to overthrow the government?

The real conspiracy is that OWS got labeled as a bunch of dirty hippies when in fact they were regular people who were fed up, and the whole country should have been behind them.

Comment Re:weather channel is now part of nbc / comcast so (Score 1) 296

"weather channel is now part of nbc / comcast so they have the funds to launch a satellite."

Not likely to happen until the company is forced to upgrade because they're losing customers. In the meantime the extra money will go for CEO and managerial bonuses.

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