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Comment Re:FPGAs as coprocessors? (Score 0) 210

I think that the problem with FPGAs is how many times can they be reprogrammed. For this (banking) application probably not that many, but if you have to re-program your in-PC FPGA every time you decide to check your encrypted e-mail while watching streaming video, you will run out of programming cycles pretty quickly.

Besides, if task is well-defined (as in, has a standard, like MPEG, or SSL), if it probably more cost-effective to have a special chip doing it (you can definitely get cheap stand-alone chips for tasks like this), and just add it in the corner of motherboard.

Paul B.

Comment Hear, hear... from someone who grew up in Russia! (Score 1) 156

But, in light of "the book every American needs to read right now" on Huck's show, your should have plugged http://mises.org/books/thelaw.pdf , which dissects the point you were making perfectly!

Thanks for this and you other comments below, let's keep up the good fight (stalemate in RF today, hope for a win in USA next year).

In Liberty,

Pavel B.

Comment Re:Or ... (Score 1) 332

As someone currently working for a high-tech start-up in Vancouver, BC, I can assure you that, as nice as it is here in the Summer, it's no Silicon Valley -- and when you have to make a trip there it's like $800 in plane tickets and a whole day of travel.

But then, Valley is not exactly on the shore, so it's not just 12 miles boat ride, add another hour or so to get across the hills -- still beats air travel!

Paul B.

Comment Only "arrest and detain"? I wish... (Score 1) 761

Try *assassinate* underaged US citizens (born on US soil) because they could have been associated with (suspected) terrorists!

I am not talking about al-Awlaki the senior (I can see how people might be divided about him, though, I'd say, if proper Judiciary inquest into his doings were held in the open and conclude with "bring dead or alive", I would not mind much), but his 16 years old son!


Fed up yet?

Paul B.

Comment Answerin to you here, our last exchange "archived" (Score 1) 1797

About USGS, Weather Services, and such... Straight from Ron Paul's mouth: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/nov/3/one-year-to-go/

Note: "Functions that cannot be abolished immediately will be transferred to other departments."

I hope that you would reconsider your stance (and yes, I've notices your interest in USGS in your recent posts, but not enough to make me think that you would sell your integrity and freedom of mind for having a certain title on your business card! ;) ).

And I did like your recent petition, though both of us know that it will go nowhere whatsoever...

Just trying to win one heart at a time, and yours seems to be not all crusted,

Paul B.

Comment Can you show the proof to me? ;-) (Score 1) 343

Where he says that Earth is definitely 6000 years old, and Bible is to be taken literally?

He is definitely religious (and, by the way, I am personally not, though I have used "Taoist" on government forms to indicate my religious affiliation, just for the fun of it, and can argue that we live in a simulation or agree with Borges that for omnipotent Got if would mean nothing to embed a couple of fitting-together bones in the Earth to fool naive humans, on certain days! ;) ) -- but, he definitely does not wear it on his sleeve, and would rather have matters like this to be left to individual human beings.

Besides, if you are an atheist, which of current/past/future US candidates could you sincere support? Not Obama, right? ;-)

Paul B.

Comment You know your history... (Score 1) 343

... but too many people do not, and in my rather short time living in this country (and actually studying its history on the side), I have seen the whole 3/5th thing attributed to too many "racist Southerners"/"Republicans" once too many times (never mind that the real racists were what was then called Democrats, and MLK was a Republican), so I have a bit of an issue when that is raised as an argument in serious discussion about what needs to be done *now*.

I am originally from the "Soviet Russia" (actually, Soviet Union), and I might have an issue about choosing "the lessER of two evils", from what I've heard, "Articles of Confederation" were not that bad either! ;) And no, I do not care about living in a big "country" (and was supporting the notion of Soviet Union collapse back in the day, when all different peoples were just willing out of it, for all different reasons); I would prefer to live in a Republic with a clear set of laws limiting the Government, while having my ability to choose the particular set I want to adhere to/limit myself by simply moving across the state lines!

Paul B.

Comment Just was giving the most obvious example... ;-) (Score 1) 343

I knew it looked suspicious too, but then, I've learned from him a lot about actually connecting the dots. Why housing bubble started to inflate right after .com crash, and why .com started to inflate almost right after *previous* Savings and Loans housing bubble in 80s, etc.

And, he actually saw it coming back when gold window was closed in 70s, what made him go into politics in the first place.

But you already know this, most probably, and the person I was replying to likely did not (or preferred not to!).

Paul B.

Comment Did he veto the Patriot Act and made 2/3 of evil.. (Score 2) 343

... republicans in the Congress to overrule his veto?

Or did he go to great extents to sign its extension (via that fancy robotic arm).

I second the notion, I would love to see Obama defend his flip-flopping on, hey, almost anything. I would prefer him to debate my preferred guy (obvious from my signature) on live TV, would be great! ;-)

Paul B.

Comment And, for an extra bonus point... (Score 1) 343

Which states pushed for three-fifth compromise?

That degrading (and, as others rightfully put it, since amended properly) provision was there at the insistence of the North, not South (who actually wanted to keep their slaves counted as "whole" humans for the purposes of having more representation in Congress).

Paul B.

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