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Comment "It's what our customers asked for" (Score 1) 244

"It's what our customers asked for"

This is what an oem or manufacturer says when it's to their benefit and almost nobody else's. Who can prove them wrong? All they need is one or two feedbacks suggesting it and technically, they're not lying. Most people don't want to have to engineer their own cooling solution and wonder if it will be adequate or overkill.

Comment Re:The proper role of government (Score 0) 475

Unfortunately, the government has a near perfect rate of failure on such endeavors, from an economic perspective. Government subsidies are based on arbitrary, ideological and wishful thinking. OTOH, venture capitalists generally have a 5-10% success rate. They assume the risks, they reap the benefits of successes, and they drop failures when it's clear they will fail.

If you think this is an example of the proper role of government, I'd like to hear some examples of what you think the government should NOT be directly involved in.

Comment Surprised it *DIDN'T* Happen (Score 4, Insightful) 191

While I don't agree with some of the scenarios in the article (a bit simplistic), I have always been astonished at the laissez-faire approach the Federal Government has always had toward the internet and the WWW. I can only explain it by their ineptitude. Not their libertarian philosophy. As a whole, the Government really never "got it" nor understood the potential until it was too late. Now that it's too late, their hoping that it's not too late. Typical.

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