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Comment You don't know the best things about the ID, yet (Score 4, Informative) 93

You have to know that our (German) current ID card is being photocopied for many kinds of quick transactions/deals. Someone can give you something without paying in advance and you give him a copy of your ID card, so he can find you, when you forgot to pay or give something back. You can optionally give the ID card directly as security.

Now... the new ID... it is explicitly forbidden to photocopy it and even leave it unattended somewhere.

Why? Because there are some critical numbers printed on the new German ID cards that no one should know. Isn't it great? Imagine that someone printed your social security number on your new "great and modern ID card"!

And here comes the first loop hole: banks always have needed and still will need your ID card photocopied to open an account. Guess what happens? They will get a special permit to do this (it has been already decided to keep the current account registration system working).

Comment Changing time because of Oracle? (Score 4, Insightful) 470

Leap seconds are handled well, when the system supports it well and the software is not utter crap.

I am always annoyed when people break basic things to make software work (e.g. hardware, also see ACPI). Now they are not only breaking hardware, but redefining measurements to make buggy software work. What comes next?

I can understand when something is changed for convenience purposes (to have simpler calculations), but justified with buggy software is plain wrong. And I surely don't care if an Oracle database "reboots"... whatever that might mean.

Comment Bad guys are happy with delays (Score 2, Insightful) 126

Do not give bad guys the possibility to learn about a flaw earlier than the users who are affected. If you don't publish the flaw, there is a certain possibility that it will be sold at black markets and kept secret to be able to use against customers. You can see that full disclosure groups are targets of commercial crackers. Full disclosure is like destroying business of criminals.

A customer should always be aware of a flaw and know how to protect himself against it.

There is no need for exploit code. You should publish it BEFORE having a PoC to warn as early as possible (but this is pretty rare, because having a PoC is usually the first indication that a flaw exists). It would also help to give as much information as possible how to protect against attacks (fixes/patches, what to avoid, what to disable, how to minimize the risk).

Comment Setup a fake web shop (Score 1) 765

Make a small site... make it look serious enough for someone to think it's a real commercial website. Then pretend to sell the new iPhone there for... let's say $100 (special offer). Require some more of the person's details... I mean setup a questionnaire, so the person thinks that the cellphone is traded also by giving out his data. Ask questions like: "What is your job?", "Do you live in a house?", "What is your religion?", "How old are you?" etc... then it's easy... try to get the address by requiring it... Hell... you need to send the iPhone somehow! Record every access to your store and don't forget to install robots.txt and to forbid web spiders to fetch the fake web shop site.

Then send an email to your account that he obviously reads. Don't write your name anywhere in the email.

Then wait... anyone who tries to visit your store is connected with the thief somehow. Maybe you don't get the thief directly, but it could be someone who is close enough to find him.

Comment Re:Health Insurance in Germany (Score 1) 651

Vaccines required for holidays no one forces you to take are one of the very few kinds of commonly needed medicine that you have to pay for yourself if you have public insurance.

This is wrong thinking. I vaccine myself not only because I want to stay healthy, but the insurance has a decreased risk to pay high costs when being ill. One day in hospital there costs a private person about $100, just the bed without medicine. The insurance should support this and they usually do. And when I'm paying a visit to my family on my holidays (that was the purpose), I cannot really say "no one forces me".

EVERYTHING ELSE is paid for by the insurance company. If a doctor prescribed it, of course. Saying that only antibiotics are paid for is a blatant fucking lie.

This is actually a lie. I paid about 60 euro for pain medicine after 3 of my teeth were pulled. This is NOT COVERED by insurance. And tell me... where do you get pain drugs from? YOU HAVE TO HAVE THEM PRESCRIBED! And I remind you... you don't even get a fucking piece of prescibed(!) Aspirine here.

Comment Re:Health Insurance in Germany (Score 1) 651

The real problem is, because it does not cost much to see a doctor, people go there when they have a pimple. The average German goes to see a doctor over 20 times a year for nothing. Wtf? I have to pay for this. And when I am sick, I still to have pay for medicine that soothes my pain. Even vaccines are not free, I paid about 80 euro for Hepatitis protection, because I went on holidays to an affected country. Because it's all not free. All you get for free is antibiotics and how much does this stuff cost? 600 euro? Maybe during 40 years of being ill regularly, yes.

Comment Health Insurance in Germany (Score 1) 651

When you look at my taxes, I pay each month, you'll also find the amount of mandatory health insurance. It's about 300 euro a month and the employer has to pay an additional 300 euro (50%/50%).

So remember when I warned you that your social system is better than ours in the "oh-so-great-EU". You'll pay in ONE month more than you pay for actually being ill for 2 years.

Comment Actually (Score 1) 289

I bet, even when you offer 1.4 mrd USD (aka "billion USD" in US) to commercial delelopers and it would take 20 years, they would not manage to write something like Linux. It would rather be a concept on paper or on powerpoint slides. But... they would take the money anyway.

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