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Comment Re:one you mean ten .. (Score 1) 507

There's a lot of noise when you get your ear on the ground.For years people have been held hostages to deadend jobs living paycheck to paycheck and be abused of by the executives being paid a million to one for the employees. It's about indecent and totally selfish people that have no conscience of the harm they inflict to the people of America.
There is an URGENT need for people to start demonstrating and join in. Those who dont either are totally blinded by the lies of the politicians ( in particular the right ) and fear fear about collapsing economies , wars and terrorists not to mention catastrophic destructions by the same people who are using them like modern day slaves ! For crying out loud , arent you tired of electing people who dont represent you but only the interrests of their rich corporate masters and party contributors. There is a lot more to be totally pissed off of the reality of how the US government treat it's " citizens " .
The reform cannot leave the huge chunks that are the government and regulating bodies who make it possible for the corporations of treating people like such .It's government approved ! .. So vote left or right , you're screwed both ways. Fantastic .. what a great democratic model .
TO get rid of the problem , one must introduce amandments or whatever is required to facilitate the arrival of new political parties in the US.
The problem is the establishment. Get rid of it by getting the " Mr Smith goes to Washington " types elected , You got to get rid of those parties to be able to effect any significant change or betterment of the situation for the US Citizen.

It's obvious.

I therefore would like to see the following changes implemented , kind of an option that should be considered to the actual system.The People of the USA would be voting on all law projects which would be proposed by representatives that , once you cut the establishment out of the equation , would represent the interrest of the People and Citizens , which no party at the moment does really . So . politicians would be free to propose anything they like cause the only ones making the decisions on that level would be the people.
That sounds a bit more democratic to me .. Democracy is not one man voting for 10 million others , it's letting the people's voice express itself and be the guide to a society that will tremendously benifit from it. i mean .. it's early and im out of coffee .. bbl

Comment Enough ! Get the garbage out. (Score 1) 594

First of all , check the alternatives. Professional politicians backed by big business taking decisions for us .
Yeah right .. At least in the USA this has to stop. They ask us to vote for people that both sides of the house
do nothing more than follow the orders of their masters of the industry,.Politicians in the US dont give a shit
about the people who vote them in.All they care about is giving big business all it wants.It's a travesty and a hijacking
of democracy to serve the interrests of only the richest . THAT is what's wrong THAT is what people are tired of.
The industries and corps and all are the ones that will make the systym fail. Do you still play cards when you see the deck
being fixed ? Why should we keep submitting like sheep to politicians and their weapons against the people ?
The USA needs a popular uprising to a scale never seen in history.It's time to take the garbage out.Ill take my chances
with popular opinion.

Comment hint : (Score 1) 735

Want the US to have respect and influence in the free world ?
Internationalism is the key you so brilliantly flush .. not to our displeasure at all !
If the USA can finally be put in it's place we will be all the better for it.
Let guys like you pave the path to the total international irrelevance of the USA :)
And God bless America

Comment Re:Good... (Score 1) 461

A text is not a book. A book is an object. It is way more than just a print.It is an object of collection ,
It lines libraries in their shapes and varieties of colors.The paper feel under the fingers , the hard cover , the smell. It is an object.
Amazon cant give you that what a really good publisher would. Make of your book an object of art, want and desire.
Unless Amazon starts a new printing business , they cant replace what publishers do to great books.
Yes some are totally unfair.But remember than by cutting them out the equation it's going to be tough to
get anything printed other than through a photocopier and anything look better than a harlequin romance..

Comment The Governor General UpperCut (Score 1) 189

"There's a large group of people who want me to be the Governor General but other than throwing a party for the king and queen, I don't know what else he does" W.S.

Dear William
For once someone told as it is the exact sentiment we all have towards the position of Governor General in Canada.
We appreciate your direct , frank and honest approach. But yes we would like to see you as GG As a symbol , it would have been great.
But .what do they do ? We need Shatner be Shatner and not some puppet If everyone spoke their minds like you did , the world would know a wave of change sweeping the past behind and entering into a new phase of advancement for the whole of the human race.
Change the world by speaking frankly and openly in order to make on earth the distant fantastic civilisation we all came to dream about through the lens of what was being done on Star Trek.

As for the Governor General .. i don't know why we should keep the Queen's representative or any other artefact of that era.
We have severed our links to monarchy.Time for the Office of General Governor to close down . I would have loved to hear what you think of the Canadian Senate That would certainly have been hilarious :) It was a great uppercut and congratulation for the KO :)

Looking forward to your visit.

Comment Re:citation please (Score 2) 430

A many religious orders here in Quebec have had histories and run ins for what they did.
It's impact is very deep here.It partially explains why the churches are now empty.
We stopped beleiving watching them act, abuse of their power , abused the most vulnerable.
And they were preaching to us ! .. How dare they ? We came to despise them. As a whole for
they acted together and all knew what was happening. I know . i was in a private school run by " brothers " where abuse took place.
They were despicable low lifes. Preaching one , doing the other . How could we beleive in their God ?
IT's a bunch of rubbish that was used to exert control over people. We revolted , became free thinkers and now free from
their lies worked hard at making a better society.

Free yourselves.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 107

There are two different kinds of company : those that add value and those that don't
Yes there are miscreants and low lifes that rip off the code turn around and try to sell it with no added value.
They do exist and they are scum.
There's companies that try to do things differently : ie make hardware , adapt the software to their equipment then release
the code back to the users and from then on community has all the options opened to hack the software to suit their needs if they want or simply keep using the official software releases.The options are opened.It also has an added advantage : people like to tinker with their equipment and their software , if you get a piece of equipment out that's offering both , people will want in.
Are all companies alike ? no . Some corporations and tech startups are really getting in it.Those will succeed in open source implementations but
those that never do anything and dont give something substantial back will fail and fade out replaced by those who do.To have open hardware and software sure is one way to get the die hard hackers to lift an eyebrow when they see the equipment.


Comment The real ones being betrayed ? (Score 1) 469

It's the public and justice.that person destroying documents might also have destroyed evidence that a crime has been committed that could be used.In fact by destroying documents like this he played in the hands of less than scrupulous governments the world over.Think about it .. the ones he really committed an act of treason against is humanity as a whole .. each and everyone of us , not by revealing the documents , but by destroying them without revealing their content.
That guy is a tool. Great job he should be in for high treason allright .. against the people.

Comment Re:S&P downgrades Google stock on Motorola dea (Score 1) 311

They lost 99% credibility.Making a 2 trillion dollar mistake in their numbers then declaring that even if they added wrong , they kept the lower rating because the government does not reflect their political views and objectives. Well boohoo . S&P is at the bottom of the barrel and i wont shed tears if they go in bankruptcy.S&P should be brought to court on charges of High Treason for what they did to their own country.
Usual right wing nut jobs at work. Hopefully the US citizens will emerge from their political coma and start to make sense.
I know .. i shouldn't expect too much of the American joe.

Comment Pass the buck.This way i mean. (Score 1) 575

The so called free services are not so free.All of them are just as sick as the other.
They make money off of our data , the little it cost them to host any data versus the money they make is fantastic.
It will be interresting how soon they will have to fork out real dough to the users to use their data.
But for that .. it will take quite a change in user behavior.Because that's what happens.They are using your data.
They also are opening it to law enforcement and of course to the intelligence services.
Unless you don't care about privacy , do what i did . unplug.
Facebook is so like so yesterday , sorry .. last month .. anyways Good night

Comment Re:Gentoo (Score 1) 622

Use the gentoo without the gentoo maintenance , Sabayon
Really easy to install .. in fact it's a no brainer.You get a machine in a workable state in about 4 hours , all updates included and ready to go .
I had gentoo on , and it's described right .. if you want to be up to date the work to keep the box up is insane.i used to spend more time maintaining the computer than using it.Sabayon took the best of gentoo and allowed me to have a machine that works without the hassles. I call that a winner.

Comment The usual snake oil. (Score 1) 664

The 4 dollar one will do just fine.And that's exactly right.Digital is digital.Works or don't.
The only place where we lay the bucks down is on 15 meters lengths ( 50 foot )
For the rest standard run of the mill cables do fine.We don't buy/sell junk on our installs.
We need connectors that are resistant.Which is the main trouble in HDMI.The wire part is quite
fairly standard.Quality of the connectors matter a LOT. Specially in tight corners ( thin walls when we put
hdmi on connection plates.) is where we separate the good from the ordinary.
But for home use ? Get the 4 dollar one and buy something for the missus with the savings.Take her out to dinner
, or if you are a true romantic : get her a few gigs of RAM :)

Disclaimer I'm a AV construction specialist. I do this for a living

Comment Bit of rethinking the system too please. (Score 1) 218

The whole system where we vote for someone who , supposedly and rarely , is supposed to represent my interests as a citizen in the governing institutions is not a guarantee that my ideals and wishes as to what laws and projects go on will in fact be respected and the person i delegate to vote like we were told by them they would actually vote the way we were told they would.We're talking being honest with one's constituents..Now i do know we change our minds and with new info comes new positions on particular matters etc .. BUT ., i still don't get the results and the elected member never protects the citizens interest as they do promoting themselves and their private interests and those that run the money show.What to do ? Simple , give back to the people their right to be heard. Remove the voting from the elected members and let the people decide. Sit at the computer , browse gov projects and laws and vote on items in the government, be it house of commons , senate , chambers in the US , let the People vote on the law projects.Simple. Let the elected officials propose laws and budgets and orientations , give em just enough rope so they can do the day to day bit .. but on anything political and orientations and strategies , let the people vote. If you are not afraid of democracy now THAT should be the end goal, what you go towards to . Ultimately a system where all our voices can be heard on equal grounds for all on all matters. But democracy is in most countries a scam.Well here the Canadians got the shaft from Harper .. they are back at their old crooked ways again .. and there's nothing we citizens can do to stop the harm he's making to our country.Ultimately the Prime Minister is the enemy of the people.But the real good friend of big bucks Inc. Tourlou and so much for democracy .. we will never know it in our living days.

Comment We do object. (Score 1) 177

If our government has ANY ears or eyes reading Slashdot :
Steven .. you ain't Bush and this ain't the USA.
You're about to loose the election because you try to make Canada
like the USA .We aren't the USA we already have a working copyright system.
If you like them so much :GO HOME to the USA and dont f******* bother us with their laws.
We have no desire of becoming a society like the Americans..
To all ./ readers in Canada. Get the vote out monday and talk to everyone.
We need the vote out to just get rid of him. ABC Anything But the Conservatives.

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