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Comment Re:Why do the Beeb bother with IP geolocation? (Score 1) 373

Before they went with IP location, they experimented with a challenge/response system to verify UK citizenship:

Which number Elizabeth are we up to now?

What do you call potatoes that are thinly sliced, fried, and sold in foil bags?

Translate this sentence into cockney: "hello friend, I have a stomachache"

Comment Re:Which book would you memorize before it's torch (Score 2) 315

Given the limits and frailties of the human memory, he could have written a follow-up about the mangled misremembered books:

A Tale of Two Cities - Christopher Dickins look at Minneapolis and st Paul.

Moby Dick - Herman Mullers classic tale of Captain Arabs search for the perfect tuna salad sandwich.

Macbeth - The story of the first girl to own an Apple Macintosh.

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