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Comment More Lies (Score 2) 180

Why do you keep lying? THERE IS NO REAL PLAYING OF A GUITAR in Power Gig! I bought the game at Best Buy accidentally the day after Christmas. Unlocked all of the songs so my fiancee could play Dave Matthews. Bought a guitar amp and patch cord so I could actually play it. Again, do not listen to this guy.

I do disagree that PowerGig is as bad as the reviews it received. I have played Rock Band and Guitar Hero and using the controller will knock you down a level, but that should be expected. It does motivate me at least to try harder. My fiancee is scared to move to a level she will fail at more times than not and enjoys getting 100% on easier levels.

What 'does it do that it claims' that you believe? Dismissing a review when you have no freaking clue what the gameplay is like makes me dismiss anything you ever say as total bullshit.

Comment Wrong (Score 1) 180

Have you played Power Gig? It has 0 lessons, 0 'actually playing the song' modes, and the only portion of the game that is any different from standard Rock Band / Guitar Hero is 'power chords' which aren't the actual notes in the song anyway. Not to mention you can hit the top string with your pick and hold the bottom fret and vice versa. The only thing 'real' about Power Gig is that you can use the guitar outside of the game, and that you have to press on frets and use a pick.

Comment Is it enough? (Score 1) 229

I know the library has DVDs and some music for free, but with Redbox having the newest movies for $1 and other game rental services out there, it is almost as expensive driving there with gas as doing something else almost free.

Not sure this is the best idea but what do I know?

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