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Comment Re:right idea - Wrong fuel (Score 4, Interesting) 230

Watch the video first. (at least first 10 seconds of it)

1. With LFTR you have next to no waste.
From what I remember, there are 2 radioactive leftovers and both are valuable.
-molybdenum-99 (Medical usage)
-Plutonium-238 (Space probes)(VERY valuable)

2. Uranium has an [Expensive] established fuel chain. You can only get fuel pellets from ONE supplier: the one who built the reactor. And no, they don't have sales.

3. Advantage of thorium vs uranium:
-No enrichment
-No 10000 year radio-active waste
-No high-pressure water cooling schemes that need power to work and backups up the wazoo.
-Others mentioned in the video

Comment Re:This is a basic intelligence test for SCOTUS (Score 1) 251

RE: we leave our country in favor of a land that offers more freedom and opportunity. Just like our forefathers did.

So.. Where do you plan to go?

Anywhere that is comparable (Canada, Australia, etc...) is being bullied/manipulated/bought by US Gubbermint/Corps.

In a race to the bottom, Canada and Australia are catching-up with the US' retarded laws. I give them 5 - 10 years tops before we are as locked-down and void of "motivated people who want to do Good Things" as the US.

This is the "Stupid test" indeed.

Comment DIGG exodus: Now in Slasdot Flavour (Score 3, Interesting) 230

What I worry about is how much manipulation these sponsors will demand.
About a year ago, did the same and re worked the site.
The sponsors started to control content and people noticed.
Within 4 months, most users left for another site.

Now, Digg is a shadow of its former self and is spammed regularly.
Comments are few and hollow a-la "I agree" or "me too".
Content is still controlled to this day.

IOW: Digg is now a Web 2.0 billboard.

I don't want a repeat.

Comment And this is the REAL reason for Data caps -at home (Score 3, Interesting) 225

1-Imagine if people could get unlimited data plan not for their Smartphone but at home.
2-Imagine if many (not most or all) people offered limited but free WIFI to Cell phones. (Don't ask how, just follow me on this)
3-Few people would need a data plan at all on their SmartPhones
4-Cell phone providers would have to lower their rates or die.

However, with great corruption comes draconian laws.
Therefore, cell phone providers have little to fear.

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