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Comment Why can't we just boycott Voltage Pictures? (Score 1) 172

It's advertising and compensation they want for their DOA movies.
I saw part of Hurt Locker and I couldn't get through it. (It made The Fountain look much more entertaining)

A silent boycott should hurt Voltage Pictures.
IOW: Tell your friends to avoid them because they sue people who watch their movies but don't make demonstrations.

Voltage Pictures is the Metallica of studios

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 3, Interesting) 231

And we will.

I remember reading about a TV show with Dean Stockwell that predicted 911 and was predicting a massive reduction in world population.

Now I know how it will happen:

This, add Monsanto and laws against keeping seeds and voila: Starvation.

Comment Android version fragmentation is google's fault (Score 1, Insightful) 298

If Google would have made it so that OS upgrade directly came from them and not the scumbag carrier, most phones would be running v4.0 or better.

Instead if the carrier thinks it will benefit them (the carrier, not their custmers), then they will crapify the OS and impose it on their captive customers. Most times they wont do this because the new OS is what will sell a new phone.

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