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Comment 10 cent downloads for 10 days (Score 5, Informative) 178

Just in case anyone hasn't noticed, Google are celebrating by making selected apps are available for 10 cents for the next few days (it started a few days ago so there's something like 7 days to go).

The selection changes each day so it's worth having a look. I picked up Toki Tori today.

Comment Landline is unplugged (Score 1) 228

The only reason why I have a landline is so I can have a broadband connection. I know you can get cable, but that's only through the large companies that throttle the living crap out of the bandwidth.

I get none to my cell, although I do get the odd "You may be entitled to compensation for the accident you had", but I just filter those out using GoSMS.

Comment Nope (Score 2) 653

But generally, this is what happens:

1. Project is developed in-house.
2. Management notice that though the quality of the project is good, it's too costly and by outsourcing it, they'll reduce the budget by 90%.
3. Project is developed overseas, usually India.
4. Management notice that the quality of the project is extremely poor and decide to bring it in-house even though it will cost them 10 times as much.
5. Goto 1.

Comment Déjà vu (Score 3, Insightful) 511

When Firefox appeared on the scene, it gave Microsoft the kick up the arse it needed to improve their crappy, aging browser.

When Chrome appeared on the scene, it gave Mozilla the kick up the arse it needed to improve their crappy, aging browser.

It'll be interesting to see if the same thing happens in a few years with IE.

Comment Ubuntu hatred (Score 4, Informative) 685

Hatred towards Ubuntu seems to be focused on Unity and Gnome.

I use Kubuntu LTS and am more than happy with it. Sure, the LTS is pretty far behind (still on Firefox 3.6), but I don't have any real gripes besides this.

From the looks of things Mint supports KDE, but is there any real reason to jump ship?

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